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Representation of the library in network

Аріна Черінько

Without exaggeration, nowadays the youth "live" in social networks. Here people learn, communicate, work and find answers to many questions, eventually they make new friends and only do not marry. So teaching and research departments of the University actively fill online content in order to keep up with the times. It fully concerns to the Scientific and Technical Library of "KPI".

The library of KPI develops, becomes modern and finds new forms of communication with users. Active development of corporate social networks and services is one of the strengths of the library today and a promising direction for further development. Preference is given to youth initiatives and use their intellectual and social resource.

Arina Cherinko is a librarian of the second category in Scientific Technical Library n. a. H.I.Denysenko of "KPI". Three years ago she came to work in STL after college. At first she worked at the department of reference, bibliographic and informational work with academic publications, now she heads the direction of work with social networks. Last year as a member of the youth section she participated in the Forum of young librarians of Ukrainian Library Association. The colleagues from different libraries of  Ukraine know her very well and it has a positive impact on her professional reputation on social networks. The gained experience has allowed Arina to develop and promote KPI resources in this area. Now pages of the library are on social networks such as Facebook, VKontakte, Twitter, Instagram, Google+. It is an important part of the work because it is the best way to communicate with users. News of the library appears on the webpage quickly.

The page of the library in Instagram (photo sharing app) is one of the best among Ukrainian libraries. The brightest photos of the library and KPI are published there. Visitors say that it is a poem about KPI in colour. Of course, deserved popularity of the webpage has a positive impact on the image of the library and the university.

"KPI is extremely picturesque campus - says Arina. - Because every day you can find something incredibly beautiful to photograph and share online." Photography is her hobby. So we wish young artist original moments and will wait for new photos.

K. Ivanova


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