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Elena Borychenko - specialist in energy management

Бориченко Олена Володимирівна

The whole world admires the smile of Mona Lisa. Perhaps because they have not seen smile women at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. With no doubt, our mans are lucky  to have a close clever, talented and surprisingly good colleagues.

Introducing Elena Borychenko, she is Ph.D., assistant professor of the Electrical department, winner of "Young teacher-researcher 2015". In 2005 she graduated from "KPI" specialty "electrical power system" and received a master's degree. Along she graduated from University of International Finance "Finance companies" and received a degree in economics. In 2011 she defended her candidate work, which concerned the monitoring of efficiency of electric energy in production.

At present she is the author of over 40 scientific papers and more than 10 educational works, and co-author of the collective monograph "Development and implementation of energy management systems according to the requirements of ISO 500001 Energy DTEK enterprises." She participates in the implementation of research on the state budget and economic contracts. In 2015 she received international certification as a specialist in energy management. Her research relating to the control and efficient use of electric energy in various fields of social production, integrated energy management systems, application of organizational and technical and economic issues of energy, energy efficiency electricity supply systems. Elena teaches "Introduction to Energy Management", "Fundamentals of Power", "Controlling energy efficiency", "energy Project Management", "Development and implementation of energy management." She gladly works with students. She supervises their research specialty "Power Management". Her students annually become participants and winners of the first and second stages of the All-Ukrainian competition on energy management.

The young scientist is a member of the organizing committee of the annual International scientific and educational conference "Energy Management: Status and Prospects - PEMS", she is responsible for teaching work of power supply department, she is a coordinator ESTS direction "Electrical engineering and electrotechnology".

And despite all the serious cases and achievements O.V.Borychenko she is a charming woman, attentive and friendly. Smile often, Elena!

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