Buildings of institutes and faculties of "KPI" and university dormitories are spread over an area of 160 hectares. It's a real city within a city. The University has its own Cultural Arts Center, a modern sports center, clinic, four sports and fitness complexes on the Dnieper, at the Black Sea and in the Carpathian Mountains. Its scientific and technical library is one of the best in the country.

Information Bureau of ATS 204-94-94, 21-11
Security Service of the University 204-95-63
PSS 204-95-62, 20-71
Duty of  police station 204-84-97
Duty of the university(from 18-00 to 9-00) (+38 044) 204-91-00 / referral service, 204-85-57, 204-95-56
Duty electrician 204-95-90, 20-84
Duty plumber 204-96-28
Duty of gas facilities 204-91-31
Duty plumber, electrician, lifter of campus 204-85-53, 204-92-63
Duty fire alarm 204-95-97
Complaint service of ATS 204-92-22
Support services of the Internet and network "KPI" 204-88-88, support[at]
Clinic 204-85-62, 204-95-93
Cabinet psychological counseling 204-95-82
Helpline 204-81-60
Headquarter of Civil Protection of the University 204-93-11, 204-95-64
First-aid station for adults of Solomyansky district 249-78-84
Inquiry office of first-aid 1503
Service of rapid response of Solomyansky district 248-66-66
Police Department of  Solomyansky district 275-33-00
City help service 101
Police 102