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Robot for radiation researching of waters

Робот для радіаційного дослідження акваторій

One of the winners of the fourth festival of innovative projects "Sikorsky Challenge 2015" was the development of FEL scientists - "RadScout mk.3, robot to survey radiation contaminated waters," which received a grant from the Kuchma "Ukraine" in 12 thousand USD.

As described developers, RadScout mk.3 - is the newest means of conducting environmental studies of radiation-water areas. The system consists of a self-propelled above-water platform, equipped with radio control system, telemetry unit, satellite navigation module and two highly sensitive detectors. One found on board, the second - lebidtsi, through which can be immersed to a depth study of radioactive bottom soils. Also, the platform has two cameras - an underwater course that following the submerged detector and apparatus for streaming video of them. Airborne systems and microkontroller perform the collection and primary processing of telemetry data and their transmission to shore. The computerized control unit performs processing, display and storage of telemetry shows and recorded video from the cameras and lets you control platform in the absence of sight.

The system works is simple: after launching platform for water carried primary measurement and mapped radiation contamination. After finding radioactive spots performed its further study using submerged detector. The installed equipment allows remote underwater spectrometric investigation that gives accurate data about the type and quantity of radioactive material in a blur.

Compared to other research methods reservoirs (soil sampling and further studies in the laboratory) proposed method has considerable advantages and opportunities. It guarantees radioactive spot; mapping radioactive contamination waters in real time; high speed of results - 90 minutes versus 2-3 days by other methods; measurement provides low cost, high mobility system (absence of craft) absence of any risk to personnel.

Already created a working prototype system, which in the early stages of development, while testing the waters of Chernobyl, showed himself workable in the real world infested pond. The robot won the Grand Prix at the National stage of the Stockholm Junior Water Prize. Then took into account comments and suggestions of experts alienation Zone, and the system successfully demonstrated on a worldwide stage of the competition in Sweden.

Now developers - I.O.Mah¬nov, Director of Small Scientific Production Enterprise "Experience" and Oleksanr Mahnov, freshman design department of computer equipment FEL engaged in improving software upgrade submarine detector and preparation for the implementation of complex artificial intelligence for automatic water areas of research.

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