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Леся Руденко

  In a world increasingly demand products by  biotechnology industries, received by the use of natural biological objects and processes. These products help to fight diseases, develop and improve healthcare, provide affordable, life-saving drugs. The considerable potential of biotechnology has in combating hunger, can solve the problem of food shortage in developing countries. Biotechnology helps the environment, reduces the risk of toxic contamination of soils and groundwater, increase the efficiency of agriculture. In industry many technologies are replaced by biotechnology, uses enzymes and micro-organisms, in particular in the food industry, in the sphere of processing of agricultural, industrial and household waste, cleaning and reuse wastewater, produce biogas, fertilizer, etc. Application of biotechnology could also be one of the essential levers for improving the efficiency of the economy in General and the exit of Ukraine from the financial and economic crisis.

  It is not surprising that many young people dream of working in the industry. Prepare such specialists in NTUU "KPI", in particular at the faculty of biotechnology and bioengineering. Study there motivated focused students, among them – Lesya Rudenko, sixth year student of faculty of biotechnology and engineering. She is studying in the specialty "Equipment of pharmaceutical and biotechnological productions". During of studing in NTUU "KPI" showed himself diligent, responsible, motivated student. Participates in scientific research at the Department. For membrane water purification recovery of liquid organic solvents and float gyroscopes. She is the headman of the academic group, cares about the interests of the collective. Lesya – a man of restless and curious to everything. Loves Hiking.

  In April 2015 Lesya Rudenko became the winner of Ukrainian competition of student scientific work "Aviation and rocket-space technique. Air navigation", took part in international and Ukrainian scientific conferences. Has scientific publications and two patents for utility model ("Float gyroscope", "Membrane apparatus").

  Student finds time for social activities. An activist of the Student Council NTUU "KPI" and student Council FBT. This semester she has a scholarship of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, which is not only a recognition of achievements but also an incentive for further success.



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