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NTUU “KPI” and “International Anticorruption Assembly” CO signed a memorandum of cooperation and interrelation

2015.12.21 НТУУ «КПІ» та ГО «Міжнародна Антикорупційна Асамблея» уклали Меморандум про співробітництво та організацію взаємовідносин

NTUU “KPI” and “International Anticorruption Assembly” CO signed a memorandum of cooperation and interrelation in December, 21.

The memorandum envisages relations and cooperation line between university and “International Anticorruption Assembly” CO. On behalf of the university, rector Mychailo Zgurovskyi signed the memorandum. On behalf of “International Anticorruption Assembly” – the head of the organization Biachyslav Saienko.

The ratification became the last point in agenda of today’s meeting of university administration, thus the members of ceremony on behalf of university were pro-rectors, service managers, students organizations heads as well as the head of university Commission for anticorruption efforts, professor Valerii Zhuikov and anticorruption officer in NTUU “KPI”, professor Oleksii Kravchuk. On behalf of “International Anticorruption Assembly”, the manager of the organization department in Kyiv region Sergii Pashkov and the manager of its international and coordination department Kseniia Monashova took part in the meeting.

Mychailo Zgurovskyi stressed that system work towards anticorruption efforts began in university ten years ago. There was considerable social research on the subject carried out in KPI. Its results were discussed at the Academic Board session and published at “Kyiv polytechnic” newspaper in material with the headline “It’s time to wash hands!” But the most important all necessary conclusions were deduced. The following work is carrying on constantly. According to rector, this ratification is an important event that enables to combine university efforts towards corruption with an experience and opportunities of respected international organization.


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