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Visit to China: in search of new opportunities

2015.05.19 Підписання Протоколу про співробітництво з компанією КанЦзе

On invitation of Guangdong Union scientific-technical collaboration with DNS countries the delegation of NTUU "KPI" consisting of the rector for international relations S. I. Sidorenko, head of foreign economic activity office of the international co-operation department f A. P. Chicholina and a researcher worker of CTF, PhD O. V. Mironyuk were visited the National Republic of China.

The aim of the visit are negotiations on the transfer of educational services of NTUU "KPI" in China, organization of work on realization of provisions of the Framework agreement between the National government of Huizhou (Guangdong province) and NTUU "KPI", found of common educational and research Institute activity (with participation of NTUU "KPI") on the basis of the University of Huizhou, as well as meetings with public and private companies in various provinces of China to attract orders for scientific and technical products of University and discussion of the principles of development of NTUU "KPI" foreign economic activity at the educational and science & technology markets in China.

Before the trip a number of constituent meetings and consultations have been conducted during which it became clear the needs of the KPI faculties in attracting foreign students to study, ability to perform contracts with public and private companies of China. Furthermore, were investigated the possibility of providing educational services abroad, including through the establishment of common structures on the territory of China. All information during the trip was provided to the patterns with which negotiations were conducted, as well as the General Consulate of Ukraine in Guangzhou.

The first city, visited by the delegation of the Kyiv polytechnics, was the city of Yancheng, Jiangsu province. From 17 to 19 May, the delegation participated in the scientific and practical seminar on the issues of heat exchangers, which was organized by the "Kincse" company. The operation was attended by 5 Chinese universities, as well as masters and representatives of companies from India, USA, Japan and Brazil. At the seminar Professor Sergey Sydorenko made a presentation on the topic "Material engineering and welding technology - for manufacturing engineering. The experience of NTUU" KPI ".

Also in Yancheng were held the negotiations between the Ukrainian delegation, the President of Corporation "Kincse" and representatives of Harbin and Nanjing institutes of technology. The subject of negotiations was the invitation of NTUU "KPI" (heat engineering, welding, engineering, chemical and material engineering areas) to scientific-and-technical and innovation activities of the newly built Academic center for development and research of heat-exchange equipment, by the "Kincse" company. The bilateral Protocol was signed on cooperation between company "Kincse" and NTUU "KPI".

On the same day the delegation members met with a representative of the National government in Yancheng - Deputy Director of the foreign talents office in Yancheng Mr Wang Yilin, who highly praised the beginning of cooperation "Kincse" and NTUU "KPI" and promised them with the full support of the local National government.

It should be noted that the economy and industry of Jiangsu province are actively developing. Therefore, opportunities, which are now being founded for the faculties of NTUU "KPI" in the field of thermal physics and related technologies may rapidly spread to the other segments of the economic sector of the province: mechanical engineering, engineering, electronic engineering, computer science, ship building, materials technology.

Another point of the visit was the city of Huizhou, Guangdong province. On 21st of May, the delegation met with the mayor of Mei city, Jo Mohn, governance and the deans of the faculties of the Huizhou University. The mayor expressed support for total projects with the participation of NTUU "KPI", already being implemented, and promised every assistance to the bilateral relations of the Huizhou University and NTUU "KPI".

During the negotiations the participants were confirmed mutual interest in developing cooperation between the National government of Huizhou and NTUU "KPI" in accordance with the development needs of the city's economy, and the international transfer of educational services NTUU "KPI" within the University in Huizhou ( NTUU "KPI" and University in Huizhou signed the corresponding agreement in 2014).

It should be noted that during 2014 were bilateral (between the relevant faculties of the KPI and the University in Huizhou) discussion of possible scientific-and-research, technological and educational projects. The agreement was initialed during the visit of the delegation of NTUU "KPI" within the University in Huizhou. But during the negotiations the Ukrainian side tried to reach understanding of the complex regulatory issues associated with the founding of the common educational-and-scientific Institute on the basis of the University in Huizhou with the help of NTUU "KPI" . Besides, was discussed the balance of interests of Huizhou economics, Huizhou University and KPI. The interests of the University in Huizhou and KPI are interested in entering the Chinese market through the University in Huizhou (and also through the Guangdong Union), especially services in the field of education. Through the system of transfer of educational technology a positive KPI system of research activities and the transfer system of the results of scientific research and technology scientists of the KPI to China.

The following city was Fuzhou, Fujian province. 22-23 of May, 2015 the delegation of NTUU "KPI" took part in scientific-and-practical seminar for industrialist and businesspersons of Fujian province on the issues of technology transfer in the chemical, biological, welding, engineering and material science fields. It was organized by Guangdong Union for international scientific and technical cooperation with the DNS countries and the Government of Fujian province – the Bureau of science and technology of the province. The Ukrainian delegation made a number of presentations.

The Deputy Head of the Office of science and technology of Fujian province took part in the seminar, Ms. Du, who is both a Professor at the University of Fuzhou. During the conversation with the delegation of NTUU "KPI" she suggested the conclusion of an agreement between NTUU "KPI" and the University in Fuzhou on cooperation in the fields of medicine, biology, chemistry and pharmacy.

The seminar was also attended by the delegation of the government of Shanxi province. Therefore, the KPI delegation met with the Vice mayor of the city of Shojo located in this province, Mr. Li, as well as the guidance of the Bureau of science and technology of this city. Shanxi province is known for large amounts of coal and other mineral fertilizers. Therefore, it is interested in coating technology edge cutting tool, drills and so forth.

The latest in the visit program was Guangzhou city (Guangdong province). On 24-25th of May, 2015 the Ukrainian delegation together with General Consul of Ukraine, in Guangzhou city, V. A. Berezovsky visited the group of companies "VanLead" - a large public Corporation in the field of chemical production. During the negotiations there was signed a Memorandum on cooperation. In accordance with memorandum provisions the KPI is cooperate with "VanLead" in the following areas:

- Organization of training, retraining of company specialists;

- Joint research and exchange of their results;

- Joint implementation of projects included in the major international science and technology programmes;

- Project implementation for the establishment of Chinese-Ukrainian cooperative Institute of fine chemical technology in time and in the manner determined by the Parties separately;

- Providing specialists from NTUU "KPI" technical advices for the Company in relevant areas;

- Joint execution of activities aimed at increasing the volume of fundamental and applied research with technological orientation, and commercial development results of scientific research;

- Conducting market research to identify potential customers and consumers of high technology products of the Parties in accordance with individual agreements.

So, during a visit to China, offers of NTUU "KPI" for educational and technology markets in China were presented at the level of government, industrial and business organizations of the Chinese provinces (Guangdong, Jiangsu, Fujian, Shanxi). The delegation held working to attract foreign students and graduate students, the beginning of the retraining of Chinese companies, establishment of joint (with participation of NTUU "KPI") structures in accordance with the laws of China. It was determined the optimum corridors for a substantial increase in foreign economic activity (in various forms) by many faculties and institutes of NTUU "KPI": ZF, FEL, HTF, IHF, FBT, FICE, TEP, IFF, MMI, VPI and obtained convincing information of the willingness of the Chinese side to cooperate on proposed directions by NTUU "KPI". Since the work would be performed by units of the University ,for the coordination of foreign economic activity department, in cooperation with the departments of NTUU "KPI".

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On the photo: Signature of the Protocol about collaboration with KanTsze company


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