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"Science News of KPI" - 10 years!

Видання. Наукові вісті НТУУ "КПІ"

September 26 1997 the Ministry of Information of Ukraine registered the new edition of magazine "Science news of National Technical University of Ukraine" Kyiv Polytechnic Institute ". This date can be regarded as the birthday of our magazine.

This event was followed by a decision of the Academic Council of the University (May 1997) establishing the initiative of Rector for Research M.Y.Ilchenka university multidisciplinary scientific and technical journal.

The idea of establishing such a publication is a result from the fact that despite the existence of scientific journals and books which are issued by individual departments of the university in 1997 they did not cover all the major areas of university departments. Many scientists had difficulties with the publication of the results of their scientific work and the way described in the order №2-81 of 18 May 1997, the new magazine was based "to create conditions for fruitful scientific work of teachers, researchers, doctoral students, graduate students and applicants university degrees. " In addition, the foundation of the magazine was intended to inform the scientific community about the areas of work and level of scientific achievements in our University.

Multidisciplinary journal had to ensure the publication of research results for scientific directions, covering a range of scientific interest of the university and the main directions of the university was forming fonly nine, and today 11 sections of the magazine, namely economics and organization of production; electronics, electrical engineering and telecommunications; Energy and power generation technologies; Information technologies, systems analysis and management; Materials Science and Engineering; instrumentation and information and measuring equipment; problems of biotechnology; the problem of energy saving; problems of chemistry and chemical engineering; social and humanitarian problems of education; Theoretical and applied problems of physics and mathematics.

For ensuring a high level of scientific materials (articles manuscripts) before their authors were set quite high requirements on the content and relevance of research materials.

Every manuscript is reviewed by experts in the field at doctorate from among the editorial board of the magazine or famous doctors invited from outside. The relevance of articles is evaluated by the editorial board which consists of: Editor in Chief - M. Z.Zgurovsky, editor - Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Professor M.Y.Ilchenko, Executive Secretary - Doctor of Engineering, Professor H.F.Bublyk and thirteen members of the editorial board - the curators of scientific fields including two members of the NAS of Ukraine (Y. I.Yakymenko and D.F.Cherneha) and eleven doctors, university professors (M.I.Bobyr, V.Yu.Horchakov, O.V.Zbrutskyy, O.A.Molchanov, I.V.Nedin, B. V.Novikov, O.M.Novikov, A.V.Prahovnyk, Ye.M.Pysmennyy, V.P.Sihorskyy, O.H.Yurchenko). At the editorial board works Editorial Board consisting of leading experts (academic  members of the NAS of Ukraine) from the corresponding fields.

"Science news" KPI " is Ukrainian-speaking. There work educated editors with high experience V.H.Melnyk and T.S.Melnyk who previously edited the leading scientific editions of Ukraine and also highly skilled desktop publisher O.M.Nesterenko and O.S. Fradin. All work on the formation of the magazine which frequency is six times a year is held in the  editors office headed by L.D.Kalko.

The magazine level has been increased for 10 years of it existence and today "Science news of KPI " is respected and well-deserved reputation not only among scholars Ukraine but employees of other higher educational institutions of Ukraine and also research institutions Academy of Sciences and departmental institutions of Ukraine. The magazine also is publishing the results of scientists research in other states such as Italy, Russia, Germany, Poland, France, USA and others. And of course university scientists have priority right to publishing in magazine results of their studies because their share of articles in each issue remains consistently high and is over 70%. Generally during its existence in 53 issues of the journal published about 1200 articles were authored by more than 2,600 scientists.

The magazine is a professional by following fields of science (for all groups of professions) as physics, mathematics, chemistry, engineering, biological and economic it means that almost all areas of research activities of the university is affected.

From 2005 the journal is reviewed in the Ukrainian reference journal "Source" Institute for Information Recording of NAS of Ukraine.And also abstract journals All-Russian Institute for Scientific and Technical Information of Russian Academy of Sciences (VINITI RAS).

The magazine is included in the Catalogue of periodicals of Ukraine and in 2000 distributed by subscription.

Abstracts of all articles of each issue of the journal are placed on the page "Scientific Publications" university site.

 In 2006 the University entered a license agreement with EBSCO Publishing (USA), the conditions is to contribute to the popularization of scientific achievements of scientists "KPI" in consumer countries services of the organization.

The magazine is developing and improving during all the time. Magazine team has certainly understanding and responsible attitude background to work and sensitive and friendly relationship with the authors.

We are proud of our magazine and will make our best to raise the prospect of the scientific level and the relevance  it published the results of research so it can become a real calling card of our beloved alma mater as the world of famous National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute".

Oct 8, 2007 || Author: G.F. Bublik secretary of the journal "Science news of KPI ", Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof.


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