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A meeting to the Day of Defender of Ukraine

2015.10.14 Зустріч до Дня захисника України

As you know, the President of Ukraine signed a decree about the establishment in Oct. 14 of national annual holiday - the Day of Defender of Ukraine. That day also significant for the Christian feast of the

the Virgin of Mercy and the Day of Ukrainian Cossacks. Because of the holiday in the reading room №13of research library of NTUU "KPI" Society for the defense of Ukraine (the head of OSOU Andrew Savchuk) and University trade union organization (the assisstan tof the head of trade union Valery Korsakov) and library staff held the meeting with students of FRE and FE. Also in connection with the holiday there was the exhibition of themed editions which describes the defenders of our motherland.

The meeting was opened by the main librarian of NTL of NTUU “KPI” Irina Bulakh, which noticed the importance of the Day of Defender of Ukraine in honor of the heroism of the defenders of the independence and territorial integrity of our country, promoting the patriotic spirit in society.

According to the assistant of the head of OSOU of NTUU “KPI” the colonel of reserve Alexander Shcherban, this holiday symbolizes the inextricable link of all generations of defenders of Ukraine. Today the protection of Ukrainian independence joined military and personnel and volunteers, so those whom we honor as the defenders of Ukraine, includes them.
At the end of the meeting Alexander Shcherban told the students about the activities that will be in the capital in connection with the holiday of the Day of Defender of Ukraine.


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