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Preparation the experts in speciality “Resourceexploitation techlogy”

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September 23 on the base of resourceexploitation and cleaner industry and Institute of postdiploma education NTUU “KPI” took place the first meeting of participants of retraining military personal in the course of preparation the expert in speciality “Resourceexploitation techlogy” according to project “Ukraine- Norway”

 International project “Ukraine-Norway” , which was being funded by Norway empire, aims to promote social adaptation officers, who have been dismissed to the reserve, and their family members. The organizer of the project in Ukraine is International fund of social adaptation(IFSA), and the executors of the project are universities, enterprises, social organization of veterans of Armed Forces of Ukraine. The partner of the project from Norway side is Nurland University(Budo).

The employee of the international cooperation department of NTUU “KPI” Eugen Ogorodnik congratulated the listeners, he spoke about university and organization moments, in particular, about lectors of faculties, who will be involved in conducting of retraining. The President of IFSA Volodimir Rubtsov congratulated the listeners with the beginning of study and wished them successful career after mastering a new speciality. Detailed information about speciality and her practical application , algorithm of educational process, employment opportunities were made to participants the director of Center of resourceexploitation and cleaner industry Igor Shilovich. Employee of the Center Andriy Vorfolomeev discussed with the group timetable of the lessons and other questions.

The speciality of resourceexploitation is very need nowadays. Because one of the acute problem of Ukraine is low efficiency of using natural resources in industry and communal service. In particular, the energy saving potential is nearly 30% from the current level of energy consumption. Energy auditors and Energy managers will be able to assist companies in shortfall of costs of energy resources and costs.

In the course program include the lessons with electrical engineering, electricity, electric, thermal engineering, hydraulics, ecology, energy audit, energy saving in system of power and heat supply, buildings etc. Listeners will learn the basics of resourceexploitation and cleaner industry, methodology for the development and justification of measures to increase resourceexploitation and will also acquire practical skills of working with radiation devices, which are used in the astimation of resourceexploitation.

According to results of retraining participants receive the Nurland University certificate, diploma from the Ministry of foreign Affairs and Ministry of defence of Norway, the certificate of passing professional retraining KPI and international certificate from the Center of resourceexploitation and cleaner industry behalf international organization UNIDO. The Latest are given the rights to conduct energy audits of facilities , to sigh necessary documents, which makes graduaters a qualified specialists on the modern labour market. Participants will pass the practice in real enterprises, where they will get practical skills in the new specialty.

Totally over Ukraine began lessons 15 learning team from 12 university.


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