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Meeting with «CyberBionic Systematics» executives

2015.10.21 Зустріч з керівництвом компанії «CyberBionic Systematics»

Executives and leading teachers of scientific units of NTUU “KPI” that train IT specialists had meeting with «CyberBionic Systematics» representatives in October, 21.

The moderator – rector of KPI – Mychailo Zgurovskii spoke on extremely important for university issues that relate to matching present education with IT demands. “The main task is to link theoretical and practical elements of education, - he stressed. – However, a fundamental component should be included as well, otherwise we may become a university that trains “button pressers”. That not for us, we train those who create new products and solves new tasks”.
«CyberBionic Systematics» is one of national companies providing education according to relevant direction in field of information technologies. It has its own education center, complex software design training programs for nine specialties; its specialists give 32 author courses, it may provide testing and certification of IT-specialists. Thus, its role in providing practical training for IT students is evident. Besides, project that provide student’ knowledge and skills assessment on the basis of branch professional standards of popular IT-technologies software designers has been represented by KPI representatives at the meeting.

In fact, the meeting was devoted to the subject of introducing TestProvider at particular KPI faculties as well as the format for implementing this project education process. The meeting also related to the subject of ITVDN video courses for software designers. It is worth to note that these courses are created according to nine branches directions that are in demand, therefore those who will study upon their programs will be able to graduate with Database Developer, SOA Developer, Mobile Device Developer etc. specialties.

At the end of the meeting, its participants agreed on creation of company center on the basis of faculties training IT-specialists and after starting active collaboration it was agreed to decide on the forms of further cooperation with particular faculties and chairs.


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