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A collective seminar in MMI. Cooperation with German company "Haydenhayn"

Учасники семінару на КВМ ММІ

The department of construction tools and machines inculcates in the educational process the advanced developments of leading companies in designing software and CNC machines. This contributes to the cooperation with the German company "Haydenhayn" which develops and manufactures high-precision sensors of rotation with linear and angular displacement, the devices of digital display and numerical control systems. The company supplies its products to the manufacturers of automated equipment and these products are used in enterprises for the production of semiconductors and electronics.

In Ukraine the "Haydenhayn" company represents "Gertner Service GmbH", headquartered in Kyiv. Among the main work on the sale and supply of equipment, the workers organize training and retraining.

As part of a cooperation agreement professors and students of our faculty have the opportunity to face new modern developments. Especially effective form of cooperation is joint workshops that have already become traditional.

So recently the collective seminar had been held. Our graduate and now an employee of the company Alexey Shved and commercial director O.L.Naumenko issued a substantive reports at this seminar. In the discussion an active part took senior students who are familiar with the software company "Haydenhayn" and have practical programming skills in the performance of undergraduate coursework and work through devices for programming, donated by the company for use in the classroom. During the discussion, students were able to get answers not only professional, but also general questions about the future of employment and work, which ar very important for them today.

This seminar has once again demonstrated: collaboration with companies and firms that occupy leading positions on the world market, significantly improve the quality of education and help future professionals to adapt more quickly to the conditions of modern production.

V. Kovalov, MMI docent


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