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New directions for development of sports science in the KPI

заняття з шейпінгу з елементами Zumba

January 29, 2015, the scientific-practical conference "Modern problems of physical education and sport of different groups of the population" was held at the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering NTUU"KPI."  Teachers of the department of physical education shared with colleagues the results of research and their experiences in the learning process of implementation of innovative methods of teaching and training of students, improving their motor activity, improving motor skills and physical condition.

An interesting report demonstrating color slides of dancing exercises accompanied Latin American incendiary rhythms Zumba was presented by Tatiana Kozlova. She shared her experience of implementation very fashionable in South America dance program of learning experiences in shaping that promotes the growth of their popularity among students.

Not everyone of the experts on physical education and sport can confidently say what exactly is this cardio-tennis - a new kind of tennis, which has been successfully implemented in the educational process by the tennis teachers. Features and benefits of  cardio-tennis were analyzed in the report of the Senior Lecturer Irina Burlaka. The main methodological rule of application of this innovative type of motor activity is to comply with loads at the threshold of anaerobic metabolism (ANSP), which is equal to ordinary students about 140 beats per minute. The pulse can be monitored as simple manual method, and the more technical - with the help of a heart rate monitor "Polar", which also allows you to set the pulse corridor, say within 135-145 beats per minute, and as soon as the student body will cross its borders , heart rate immediately reminded of his error with beeps. Such an exercise, not only in tennis, but also in other types of motor activity (especially favorable are cyclical varieties - swimming, running, cycling and cross-country skiing), optimally improve aerobic capacity and endurance, which is the most important quality, and the main indicator of health.

Natalia Kuzmenko gave in her report the observations of behavioral research settings, ie gyms, rinks, swimming pools, etc.,. Interesting slides and photos ski center "Protasov Yar" inspired teachers and students to visit it.  Grateful listeners found that the environment protection and sports environment psychologically affects a person, makes to act according to the rules and laws of this environment,  inspires man to step up their lives and follow the example of those who are constantly engaged in sports. You may be skeptical, but Natalia gave  the conclusive evidence of the efficient use of such behavioral setting to enhance a healthy lifestyle students of our university.

Pleased to note the reports of our younger colleagues - Helena Sirotinskaya, Sergei Soga, Alexander Kalischuk, Vladimir Dobrovolsky, who confidently joined our team. Although their reports still lack experience and professionalism, but we believe that behind them - the future of the department.

At the end of the conference there were announced the winners in the following categories: novelty of the research - Natalia Kuzmenko, the introduction of innovative teaching technologies - Irina Burlaka, the entertainment presentation - Tatiana Kozlova, the volume of performed work - Elena Sirotinska, the high level and the validity of the study results - Senior Lecturer Diana Mishchuk (with theme of the report "Cognitive activity athletes playing sports as a factor in achieving athletic performance"). Incidentally April 1 Diana received her PhD in the scientific council of the National University of Physical Education.

Summing up the scientific work of the department physical education, it should be noted the increase in the number of teachers with publications in professional journals, scientometric publications. They are fruitfully working on dissertation topics, allowing the department to look optimistically to the future.

Yu.Vihljaev , Ph.D., prof., G. Boyko, Head of the department, Ph.D., Assoc.


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