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Memorial Tournament of M.A.Pavlovsky

Команда НТУУ КПІ 60+

At the end of March 2015 the traditional volleyball tournament in the memory of an outstanding scientist and teacher, a man with a capital letter M. A. Pavlovsky, was held in the Sports Complex NTUU "KPI".

M.A. Pavlovsky has made a significant contribution to the development of science and technology. Thanks to him, the faculty of aviation and space systems was created in our university.  He devoted as well much time to the political and social activities. At the same time he always found the "space" in his intensive work for practicing his favorite sport - volleyball. His sporty nature, the thirst for victory in volleyball is remembered far outside our university.

Four teams from Kiev attended this year’s tournament. These are the veterans teams "Juliani," "Solomianka", "KPI" "60+", "KPI" "70+".

Remembering the passion with which  Pavlovsky played, the participants of the tournament carried out  at fierce sports struggle. At this time, our team showed the "unhospitality" and won in the uncompromising struggle. Once sports passion were cooled, the winners were awarded with cups, diplomas and valuable gifts.

Paul Kudryavtsev ("Solomianka 70+"), Andrew Leshchuk ("Juliani 60+"), Valery Sharubin ("KPI" "70+"), Valery Shatokhin ("KPI" "60+") were recognized the best players of the tournament.

After the celebrations, the participants organized an evening of memories of past sporting events. So it was not only bright sport’s event, but also an educational holiday. To take it place, as always, invaluable assistance was rendered by the trade union NTUU "KPI" and personally its chairman V.I.Molchanov, sports club NTUU"KPI" and sports organizers Nicholay Procopchuk and Alexander Oberemok.

Michael Abdulin, associate professor of FHPE


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