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Learning when you are young will be useful for old age

Фото. Роман Жогов

Roman Zhogov was the first in the Institute of Telecommunication Systems, who received a scholarship Rector NTUU "KPI" being only the 3rd year student. He regularly participates in conferences, studies well, works hard with his supervisor S. Bunin on the problem of the broadband pulse signals. He is already thinking about a few of his own patents on the subject.

Roma has a versatile personality. In childhood he was reading science books for radio amateurs, which were left by his grandfather, made advances in the study of physics, winning at the district and regional competitions. Therefore the choice of the Technical University and the Institute of Telecommunication Systems was not occasional. At the same time he can not imagine his life without music. He plays guitar and harmonica, has its own musical group, which makes a weekly blues jam in one of the capital's cultural institutions.

Being the 3rd year student, he decided for himself that it is the time when you need as much as possible to develop and use any existing opportunities. One of the few he was trained on the program "Jump to life :)", also attends Porta One, where he is studying Linux and database. "The earlier start to learn this, the better. This is the right thing," - says Roman. He also held a variety of online courses from the best universities in educational portals. All of them are in English, so he advised to study it because it is a step to new knowledge.

Roman has enough time even for the social work - he became chairman of the students and postgraduates scientific society branch of  ESITS. Now all his ideas will be to embody not only at the level of the Institute but in the University. Last summer, for the first time he took part in the Summer School SPSC, listening a course of business intelligence specialist from IBM. Now he knows how to spend his next summer vacation.

Looking at the 19 years old student, who achieved now more than some achieve after graduation not everyone can, we can only wish all do not waste their time in vain and to engage in self-development, to communicate with active people, whose achievements  motivate a creation and implementing of new ideas.

Olexandra Kravets


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