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Aphorisms about education and knowledge

Афоризми про освіту і знання
  • Learn all not out of vanity, but for practical use. Georg Christoph Lichtenberg
  • All human beings have the right for education and should enjoy the fruits of science. Friedrich Engels
  • Scholarships - is the sweet fruit of bitter root. Isocrates
  • Teach yourself is a noble cause, but even more noble - to teach others; By the way, the last is a lot easier. Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemens)
  • Learn and read. Read serious books. Life will do the rest. Fyodor Dostoevsky
  • Live as if you will die tomorrow, learn as if you'll live forever. Mahatma Gandhi
  • Many people want to know, to strive for knowledge - not all of them.
  • We are learning all his life, apart from a dozen years spent in school. Gabriel Laub
  • It is not necessary to prove that education - the greatest good for the person. Without education, people  are rude, poor, and miserable. Nikolai Chernyshevsky
  • Boring lessons are good only to instill hatred as to those who teach them, as well as to everything that is presented. Jean-Jacques Rousseau
  • Education gives man dignity, and the slave begins to realize that he was not born for slavery. Denis Diderot
  • Education must be true, complete, clear and strong. Unsuri Al Maali (Kei Qaboos)
  • Order helps clear understanding. Cicero
  • The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. Wonderful teacher shows. A brilliant teacher inspires.
  • Anyone who repeated his lesson a hundred times - not the one who repeated it a hundred and one times. The sages of the Talmud
  • It is necessary to study a lot to know at least a little. Charles Louis Montesquieu
  • The genius has everything from God and nothing from secondary school. Don Aminado
  • All that I know about teaching, I have got from bad students. John Holt
  • I know many people who have vast knowledge and had no one's own thoughts. Wilson Mizner
  • If you think education is too expensive, try ignorance. Derek Bok

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