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Implementation results of the budget NTUU "KPI" in 2014

The total budget of the University in 2014 was amounted to 860.7 million UAH, which is 98.5% of the budget of 2013.

Budget funding was decreased by 1.6%. It was happened mainly due to a significant reduction in budgetary financing of science. The special fund  was decreased by 1.3%, while revenues for the performance of the contractual scientific researches rose by 8.1%, and the funds received for the provision of other paid services after the secession of the NTUU"KPI" the canteen of the Military Institute of Telecommunications and Information were decreased by 2.6%.

In accordance with the reduction of the average number of students enrolled in government contracts it was decreased as well the amount of budget funding for the program "Training" for 6,3 million UAH, or 0.9%.

During 2014 all employees of the University regularly and fully received salaries and bonuses, material assistance and other social benefits provided by the collective agreement.

In addition to wages, calculated in accordance with salaries, mandatory bonuses and allowances, university employees were paid extra wages in the amount of 36,529.6 thousand. UAH, namely:

  • monthly, quarterly and other awards in the amount of 11,270.9 thousand UAH
  • assistance for health improvement of teachers and teaching staff in the amount of 13,183.5 thousand UAH
  • assistance for health improvement of all other categories of personnel in the amount of 5664.0 thousand UAH
  • financial assistance under the collective agreement in the amount of 318.6 thousand UAH
  • allowances for teachers-researchers, amounting to 500.0 thousand UAH
  • promoting the winners monitoring the quality of education in the amount of 106.2 thousand UAH
  • compensation for unused leaves for the past years by the statements in the amount of 5486.4 thousand UAH.

The average monthly salary at the university for 2014 increased compared to the year 2013 by 1.0% and amounted to UAH 4,610.4.

Under the approved scholarship fund as a result of the sessions 71.1% full-time students received their scholarships.

Of the total amount of the scholarship fund 14,408.6.1 million UAH there were paid in the amount of indexation 1,997.57 million UAH, promotion and financial aid – 6,504.2 million UAH. In addition, due to donations students there were paid more scholarships in the amount of 666.2 thousand UAH.

At the end of the year, the university does not have any debt on social payments or to pay for the consumption of utilities.

Administrative Council at the meeting on March 18 of this year prompted the Academic Council of the University to recognize the budget for 2014 as fulfilled.

In accordance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education" information on the implementation of the budget NTUU "KPI" for 2014 is available on the official website of the university.

L.G. Subbotina, head of the Department of Economics and Finances

Budget NTUU "KPI" for 2014 execution

Sources of revenues Volume in thousands UAH The ratio of actual revenues 2014 р., %
2013 year, actual 2014 year
Plan Actual Until 2013. To the plan of 2014 .
1. General fund revenues in total 707 688,4 696 716,7 696 716,7 98,4 100,0
Including  programs:
- Training 680731,0 674 428,9 674 428,9 99,1 100,0
- State Polytechnic Museum 2 428,8 2 597,1 2 597,1 106,9 100,0
- Performance of contractual SR 24 528,6 19 690,7 19 690,7 80,3 100,0
2. Special fund revenues in total 166 118,3 162 630,0 163 983,10 98,7 100,8
Including  programs:
- Training 145 239,4 140 000,0 141 415,30 97,4 101,0
- State Polytechnic Museum 11,8 30,0 12,0 101,7 40,0
- Performance of contractual SR 20 867,1 22600,0 22555,8 108,1 99,8
Together: 873 806,7 859 346,7 860 699,80 98,5 100,2
Moreover, done by Scientific Park “Kyiv Polytechnic” 2361,6 1008,0 1008,0 42,7 100,0

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