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The meeting of the University Supervisory Board

2015.03.12 Засідання Наглядової ради університету

On March 12 it was held the meeting of the NTUU “KPI” Supervisory Board.

The meeting was attended by the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, the President of Ukraine in 1994 – 2004 years, Leonid Kuchma; Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board, MP several terms, the President of the Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Stanislav Dovgy; the first astronaut of independent Ukraine Leonid Kadeniuk; Deputy Chairman of the State Agency for Science, Innovation and Informatization of Ukraine Viktor Ivchenko; Director of the Institute of Cybernetics of V.M. Glushkov National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, academician of NAS of Ukraine Ivan Sergienko; Chairman of the Board of JSC "Meridian" of S.P. Korolev Vyacheslav Protsenko and others.
"KPI" at the meeting was represented by the Rector of the University, academician of NAS of Ukraine, Michael Zgurovsky; first vice-rector, academician of NAS of Ukraine Yuriy Yakimenko, Vice President for Research, NAS academician Mikhail Ilchenko, Vice President for New Development Alexei Novikov, Vice-Rector for International Relations, a member of the NAS of Ukraine Sergey Sidorenko, Vice-Rector for educational work of Peter Kyrychok, heads of the number of university research and design teams, and others.

The rector Michael Zgurovsky said about the results of operations and prospects of development NTUU "KPI". In the discussion of the report there were taken an active part the Supervisory Board members, invited guests, vice-rectors NTUU "KPI". Particular attention was paid to the development of Kyiv Polytechnics of new systems and products of military defense purposes and putting them into production.


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