🎥 About spring motifs inspired by "East Wind"

At the exhibition of Japanese textile techniques "East Wind", which was opened on March 5 at the Ukrainian-Japanese Center of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, visitors can see products that show that Ukrainian craftswomen are fluent in the technique of creating embroidered patter

A U.S. transport aviation innovator originally from Ukraine

Ukraine has a rich history of training talented engineers, designers and scientists who have made significant contributions to various areas of scientific and technological progress, including the aerospace industry. Among them, there are three outstanding figures who enriched the U.S.

FMM student Victoria Derkach about dreams and the present

Ambitious, creative, and hardworking people are usually successful in life and in their professional activities. And the best time to decide on the future, gain initial experience and make a name for yourself is during your student years. And there are many examples of this.