Kyiv. Museum of Ukrainian Decorative Folk Art

This is one of the largest art museums in Ukraine. It is located on the territory of the National Kyiv-Pechersk Historical and Cultural Reserve in the former metropolitan chambers and the adjacent house of the Annunciation Church, a landmark of architecture of VIII - beg. XX century.

The museum's collection was founded in 1899 as one of the components of the collection of the newly formed City Museum of Antiquities and Arts, renamed in 1904 in the Kiev Art and Industry and the Science Museum.

Now the museum collection includes more than 75 thousand works of traditional folk and professional decorative art of Ukraine from the XV century up to the present day. This is a variety of the material, shape, decoration and purpose household items, transformed by talented artists in the highly artistic works. They all have distinct regional differences.

The museum, which occupies an area of ​​1500 sq. m, presented: carpet weaving, weaving, printed cloth, embroidery (about 28,000 works), pottery, carving and painting on wood, artistic treatment of the skin, horns, metal, glass, porcelain, painted Easter eggs (about 4000 products), folk art and iconography.

The museum is proud of its collection of the Ukrainian national clothes of XIX - beg. XX century from all regions of Ukraine, where in a single artistic ensemble they are merged the art of designing, weaving, embroidery, applique, printed cloth, weaving, leather and metal. Traditional women's jewelery:  corals, Venetian necklace, beaded items attracted the attention of visitors.

Curiosities of the museum collection are a carved wooden cross in silver in 1576, clay tiles XV-XVIII centuries, cossack pipes and powder flasks, silk woven belt of the XVIII century, embroidered with gold and silver thread subjects of church, free-blown glass, porcelain and leading products faience enterprises of Ukraine: Kiev-Mezhyhirska porcelain factory and Volokitinsky Porcelain Factory. The collection of art glass includes more than 4000 exhibits. Damask, decanters, figured vessels in the form of bears, sheep, birds were decorated with glass ribbons, painted with enamels, paints. Collection of ceramics includes about 14,000 exhibits. There were presentedct almost all outstanding pottery centers of Ukraine: Opishnya, Detintsy, Bubnovka, Adamovka, Smotrycha, Kosovo, and others. This is a variety in forms, patterns, colors of traditional dishes, tiles, candlesticks and the like.

The museum has the world's largest collection of works of People's Artist of Ukraine Maria Primachenko (1909-1997), which consists of  500 fabulously fantastic compositions. In a separate room there were presented  paintings by People's Artist of Ukraine Bilokur Catherine (1900-1961). They are considered to be the pearl of the museum's collection and belong to the treasury of world art.

Go to: bus n 24, troll. n 38 from the metro station "Arsenal" stop "Kiev - Pechersk Lavra"
Tel. / Fax: 280-13-43, Tel.: 280-36-93, 280-58-12, 254-36-42
The museum is open from 10 to 18 h., Day off - Tuesday. (The cachbox is open from 10 to 17 hours.)