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Department of Printing Machines and Automated Complexes (MAPV), VPI

Head of the Department: docent Shostachuk Yurij Oleksandrovuch, Ph.D. in technical sciences.
Address: Kyiv, Yanhelia str., 1/37, academic building # 8 , room. 91
Phone: (044) 204-99-15

Technologists of Publishing and Printing Institute - Rector scholarship

Best students of "KPI after Igor Sikorsky" received a Presidential scholarship for excellent teaching, scientific research and effective public indifference this semester .

Grytsenko Dmitry Sergiyovych - Printing machines expert

Гриценко Дмитро Сергійович

Senior lecturer of machines and printing units manufacturing Department of the PPI Dmitry Sergiyovych  Grytsenko has won the University competition "Young teacher-researcher 2015".

Rector's scholars of VPI 2015

2009. Таланти КПІ 2. Маки, Катрич Олеся, ВПІ, батік

In this semester, several students of Publishing and Printing Institute, which is the focus of femininity and beauty in the KPI, were appointed scholarships by rector.


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