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Faculty of heat power engineering

Кампус КПІ. Корпус № 5.

Decan: professor Evgen Mykolayovych Pysmenny
Address: Room 315, Build.5, 56, Politehnichna, Kiev
Phone: 204-80-98, 204-91-14
e-mail: tef[at]
Day of faculty: 27.12

Department of Nuclear Power Stations and Engineering Thermal Physics (AESIITF), TEF

Address: st. Polytechnic 6, r.903, 03056, Kyiv, Ukraine
Phone: 38 044 204 80 87,
E-mail: aes_kpi (at)

Department of Automation of Heat and Power Engineering Processes (ATEP), TEF

The Department was established in 1958 and is the first in Ukraine in the field of industrial automation. Today it is the leading department for training specialists required in the market of automation and software development.

The department conducts training in the specialty 151 "Automation and computer-integrated technologies".

Department of Cogeneration Installations of Thermal and Nuclear Power Plants (TES), TEF

Department of cogeneration installations of thermal and nuclear power plants (TES) was founded in 1931 at the heat power engineering faculty of KPI. Educational and scientific staff of TES – is a highly qualified scientific and technical experts, including 3 professors, doctor of technical sciences; 6 Ph.D. (including 5 assistant professors); 4 senior teachers and 4 assistants.

Department of  Theoretical and Industrial  Heat  Engineering (TPT), TEF

In the first year of the KPI created Department of Applied Mechanics and mechanical technology in the mechanical department, providing basic training thermo mechanical engineers and engineers over twenty years, a clear division of mechanical technology for machining metals and Heating Technology in the 1920s and later (1930) the allocation of a separate wide-heat engineering specialty.

[site] Seminar on "economic security, scientific and technological aspects of security"

Seminar on "economic security, scientific and technological aspects of security" is dedicated to the memory of Igor V. Nedina - founder of scientific school study problems of economic security in Ukraine, enthusiast research on sustainable development, environmental management, economic and energy modeling processes and systems.

Scientific and Technical Center “Ecological technologies and energy saving” (ECOTES)

telephone: 204-98-95, 236-42-52
fax: 204-92-45
e-mail: ekotez[at]
address: 03056, Kyiv, Av. Pobedy 37, building 6


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