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Director: Anna Ishchenko

Since 2002, the Socioplus Center has been conducting research on the quality of education using various sociological methods.

Areas of research

Research on assessments of the quality and content of university educational programs

In particular, as a means of aggregating high-quality sociological information for making internal management decisions and passing accreditation of educational programs

Study of the level of compliance with the norms of academic integrity

Studying the level of tolerance to plagiarism, forgery and falsification of research results, the level of compliance with academic culture by students and university staff

Conducting research on the quality of the educational process

Surveys among students and academic staff of the university on the level of provision of certain components of the quality of education

Monitoring of employer satisfaction

Monitoring of employers' satisfaction with the level of training of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute graduates

Desk research of the labor market

In the segments in which graduates are employed: monitoring the ratio of supply and demand in the relevant segments, the dynamics of salaries, basic requirements of employers for young professionals, etc.