The Cabinet Minister's Prize is for Vitaliy Kotovskiy

May 20 at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine laureates of  the  Cabinet Minister's Prize  of Ukraine were awarded for the development and implementation of innovative technologies. Among  rewarded  was Vice-Rector NTUU “KPI” for Research PhD, Professor Vitaly Kotovskiy. Author’s composition of scientists and engineers awarded Vitaliy Kptovskiy for his work "Development and implementation of sensor control- informational technologies." The work is complex and in the part of solving problems to ensure the health care of population, carried out in cooperation with scientists of Semiconductor Physics Institute named by Lashkarev V.E  National Ukraine Academy of Sciences.

Besides named position, Vitaly Kotovskiy also heads the interdepartmental educational and scientific laboratory that studies  noninvasive methods of biological objects of "KPI" on the basis of which carried out researches. He proposed a complex information technology research of functional state by using the methods of infrared thermography and transcutaneous oxygen. He had used thermographs in the range of 3-5 microns with cooled matrix sensors based on Schottky diodes and 8-14 micron microbolometer matrix of sensors without cooling and also gas analyzer based on electrochemical oxygen sensor type. Researches, conducted with the help of the developed complex technology, allowed to determine for the first time that the value of the partial pressure of oxygen in the subcutaneous tissues of humans zone characterizes the functional state of the investigated area on the skin that allows you to observe the dynamics of pathological condition change for the purpose of timely prevention of complications and adequate grounded individual therapy. Regularities of change of the temperature pattern on the surface of the body that correlate with gas exchange processes are the basis for systemic use in scientific research in medicine and physiology to identify features of circulatory disorders. The practical value of the results is due to the  prospects of their usage for further development of new methods of information correlation diagnosis, maintenance and optimization of therapeutic effects on the body, to diagnose extreme physiological states of the body and control its release from such a state, etc.

The results of research used and implemented in the Ukrainian Center of Sports Medicine Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the National Cancer Institute, the National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery named by Amosov M.M The National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine as well as in scientific researches and educational processes of National Technical University of Ukraine «KPI».