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Корсун Вік

Introductory speech by the chairman of the international jury of the start-up competition Victor Korsun (USA) at the opening ceremony of the All-Ukrainian festival of innovative projects “Sikorsky Challenge”

2018.10.16 Speech by Victor Korsun at the Sikorsky Challenge in 2018

Our competition “Sikorsky Challenge” encourages the technological and scientific creativity of our innovators to improve in this way not only the lives of our people, but the whole world.

Vik Korsun "Changing the World of Education"

Вік Корсун

On the 20th of October the Head of the international jury "Sykorskyy Talk 2016", many former Deputy Director of the Ukrainian Scientific-Technological Center (USTC) and sincere friend of our university Vik Korsun (USA) read heads for institutes and faculties KPI them.

Gift to Library

Бібліотека КПІ, Дар від Віктора Корсуна

H.I.Denysenko Scientific and Technical Library "KPI" expresses gratitude to Victor Korsun, a deputy executive director of the Ukrainian Science and Technology Center, for donated publication in the amount of 140 copies.

Vic Korsun: eight years of cooperation with KPI

2014.06.02 Вручення Подяки Вченої ради В. Корсуну (у центрі)

Deputy Executive Director of the Ukrainian Scientific-Technological Center Victor Korsun for five days had double-speak from the rostrum of the hall of the Academic Council of the KPI.

At the Meeting of Academic Council: 02.06.2014

Кампус КПІ. Башта /

2 червня 2014 р. відбулося чергове засідання Вченої ради НТУУ “КПІ”. Розпочалося воно поздоровленням ювіляра – декана зварювального факультету д.т.н., професора Сергія Костянтиновича Фомічова.


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