Address of academic building №8 (VPI): Academician Yangel street, 1/37. Earlier KPI hostel.

The architect is Dmitro Dyachenko (06/14/1887 (08/14/1884), Taganrog - 05.21.1942, NKVD detention camp in the Saratov region, was rehabilitated in 1957) - one of the founders of Ukrainian identity, the head of Ukrainian association of architects (1918-1919),the founder and rector of Ukrainian Architectural Institute in Kiev (1918-1922).

Among the architectural buildings the Ministry of Education and Science (Peremohy Prospekt, 10), a complex buildings of institutes of Ukrainian agricultural academy (Golosievo) - it is reorganized KPI faculty of agronomy.

Academic buildings (before the repression on architect) - are examples of palatial architecture, including facades were flawlessly executed in the Ukrainian Baroque style with good internal layout like the "old" KPI buildings. At the same time, building dormitories, Dmitry Dyachenko (perhaps for cost savings) declined from massive decorative elements, "simplified" it to a minimum.

Гуртожиток КПІ8 корпус КПІ8 корпус КПІ8 корпус КПІ, поліграфічна машина8 корпус КПІ, квітне сакура, фото Т.Киричок