"Formula Student KPI": enthusiasts are needed

I know that many KPI students believe that success in life can only be due to symbiosis large number of factors, which mainly depend on the student, and not anyone else. This is, first of all, a lot of work, a deep understanding of what you're doing, possession of modern tools for solving complex problems, the ability to work in a team and much more. Where you can test yourself, where you can buy such an experience, where it is possible to believe in yourself and make sure that the engineering work - is quite fascinating, and particularly promising, prestigious and important? I think the answer is obvious - participation with a dedicated team in the implementation of real and interesting project. KPI has a good tradition. Look at pedestals Walk of Fame NTUU"KPI"! All of its characters as outstanding personalities were formed in the process of self-sacrificing work on projects. So it was with Sikorski and his aircraft, and Korolev and his gliders, and many others. I also know that many of the current KPI students are thinking, "Yeah, it was when ..., now this can not be ... now other times ..." That's right, and wrong. You are trapped in this time, in this place, in this group, and it only depends on you, who you will become. You are able to assemble a team, you are able to work 18 hours a day, you are able to learn new knowledge, technologies and implement them. You can surprise the world with your inventions, developments, innovations...

What should be the target of your efforts?

Part (small) of you already knows what it wants, others - only "looking for yourself." I think that my proposal will be interesting for everebody. An engineering student competition "Formula Student" exists in the world for more than 30 years. Participation in it is very real for us. The organizer of the competition is the Union of motor engineers (SAE International), and today this competition is attended by about 500 teams of technical universities from around the world, nearly a dozen teams from Russia, and only one team from the Ukraine.

Why among the 500 there is no team NTUU"KPI"? This is a question for all of us.

I think many will be interested to try to realize themselves through participation in the design and manufacture with their own hands student car, defence its integrity against the international jury, participation in student real racing "Formula".

The basic idea and objectives of the competition is the fact that during the year, the students should designe and produce a small race car, the technical requirements for which are defined in a "Regulation". Each year a new model car should be created. The result is a representation of the vehicle and the defence of the project before the commission. The lion's share of credit scores are not indicators of speed, but the technical solutions implemented in the project, presentation of the project, the financial plan of manufacturing the car. The project is prepared and defended in the English language. In fact, the competition Jury play a role of some commercial company, which plans to establish production and sale of cars. And here it is important to all: the cost price, and external design and technical specifications, and the readiness of the technical documentation ... In fact, the development team should be "sell" their project " to investors." Of course, you have no one buys, on the contrary, you will be wasting your time and resources for the project, but such a scheme - an exact copy of what is happening today in real engineering business.

Now the questions: do KPI students have enough strength to take part in such a competition, is the goal achievable for us, do we have the desire and the conditions for its implementation? In my opinion, the answers to all three questions should be yes.

The first question - people. This project requires the joint efforts of almost all faculties of the KPI, there is a need for mechanics and electronics engineers, welders, programmers, materials scientists and marketers, designers and engineers, experts in aerodynamics and mechatronics, printers and specialists in public relations, and many others. There are all these people in the KPI.

The second question - technical capabilities. We have in KPI the technological base, which allows to make a real car, and advanced software that allows you to quickly and efficiently create a project.

The third question - finances. The experience of other teams shows that almost all funding can be realized by attracting funds from sponsors.

So maybe it's time to take on such a project in KPI!? Department of Integrated Mechanical Engineering Technologies of Institute of Mechanical Engineering initiates the beginning of work on the project "Formula Student" in the NTUU"KPI". We have a certain set of technological equipment, which can produce and control the elements of the future of the car, it is possible to organize the work of the initiative group in the room of the department, the project participants are able to provide open and free access to the full range of software for computer-aided design in accordance with international standards and learn to use these programs (by the way, this year specialization "engineering design", which in our department, is available for specialists and masters not only our department, but also for many other engineering bachelor).

But alone we will lose !!!

Team "Formula Student KPI" needs enthusiasts from around the KPI !!! All are invited to join the work.

Vitaly Pasechnik, Professor, Ph.D., Head of Department of IMET