The Department of Physical and Chemical Bases of Technology Metals (DPCBTM) – is the youngest at Faculty of Physical Engineering (FPE) NTUU “KPI” − organized in May 1977 (order № 64-1 from 05.21.1977). The initiator of the department’s organization was once Dean of Faculty D. F. Cherneha. His suggestion was actively supported by the Rector of the Institute Corresponding Member AS USSR G. I. Denysenko end Vice-rectors M. S. Ilchenko and I. K. Trush.

The agreement to work at this department and actively assist in the development employees of Departament of foundry of ferrous and nonferrous metals associate professor V. K. Larin and senior lecturer M. I. Prylutsky.

The main task of the department was to increase theoretical and practical training of students all specialties of the Faculty in ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, can therefore be considered, that originally Department was the successor of founded in 1944, the departments of the Faculty of Metallurgy: cast iron and steel metallurgical processes theory, steel and industrial furnaces metallurgy which were reformed in 1958 in connection with the termination of preparation of engineers in specialty "Ferrous metals ".

In 1980 according to the order of the Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the USSR V. P. Yelyutin in the department began the preparation of engineers for specialization "special electrometallurgy" specialty of "Foundry of ferrous and nonferrous metals."

In 1997 supported by the Rector of NTUU "KPI" Academician of U M. Zgurovsky at the Department DPCBTM was the world's first opened independent specialty "Special metallurgy" (SM).

With scientific and educational activities Department maintains close contacts with 6 institutions of Materials Research NAS of Ukraine: the E. O. Paton Electric Welding Institute, Phisico-technological Institute of Metals and Alloys¸ G. V. Kurdyumov Institute for Metal Physics, Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science, V. Bakul Institute for Superhard Materials, The Gas Institute.

During the study, all students of 4-6 courses are actively involved in research work allowing the best of them to get Masters degree, as well as a recommendation for admission to graduate school at the department or at the Institute NAS of Ukraine.

High quality teaching is based on the famous educational and scientific schools and traditions that emerged in the department and faculty.

In the educational process of the department participate scientists of academic institutions and government organizations: Academician of NAS of Ukraine V. I. Dubodyelov professors S. H. Hryschenko, S. V. Ladohin, B. I. Medovar, V. O. Shapovalov, O. V. Seredenko, Dr. of Sc M. S. Horyuk.

Six members of the Department defended doctoral dissertation: O. M. Byalik, V. K. Larin, A. P. Somik, V. S. Bohushevskyy, K. V. Myhalenkov, V. H. Mohylatenko. At the department was prepared and successfully defended doctoral dissertation of Polish citizen S.Borkovsky. In 2012 doctoral dissertation will defend a doctoral student S.V.Skrypnyk.

Twenty-two graduate students, including two foreigners, defended their dissertations.

Three members of the department worked as Deans of FPE: D. F. Cherneha, A. P. Somik, O. M. Byalik.

Three members of the department were recommended by Heads of the faculty: A. P .Somik, O. M. Byalik, V. H. Mohylatenko.

The department is actively working with the leadership of metallurgical plants in Mariupol and Zaporizhia. Thanks to their financial support each year students of the department pass educational practice in these complexes. Special thanks to Vladimir S. Boyko, Director of General of Public Joint Stock Company (PJSC) Ilyich Iron and Steel Works.

At the department were held 12 scientific conferences entitled “Special Metallurgy: yesterday, today and tomorrow " (including 4 international) with the active participation of students and the publication of the content of their reports. Published 6 textbooks, 2 manuals, reference book, 8 monographs, "Atlas melting installations of special electrometallurgy" (3 sections), more than 40 methodical manuals, about 2,000 scientific articles in the Proceedings of scientific conferences and technical journals.

Employees of the Department 9 times became the winners competitions NTUU "KPI".

After each examination session for excellent students personal scholarships of outstanding scientists are assigned: I. P. Bardina, K. I. Vaschenka, V. I. Yavoyskoho, A. P. Somika.

Number of department graduates − 845, including 130 masters of full-time degree course and 715 specialists full-time and correspondence course and also 597 bachelors. Many of the graduates have received referrals to academic institutionswhere entered the graduate school and defended their dissertations.

Among department graduates (since 1985) according to incomplete data, about 30 candidates of sciences, 2 doctors of sciences, 3 doctors of philosophy (defended dissertations in Japan and Germany).

Doctors of Technical Sciences K. V. Myhalenkov, O. V. Chernets. Candidates of technical sciences V. O. Berezos, O. P. Hnatushenko, M. S. Horyuk, A. S. Hladkov, H. H. Zak, M. I. Kurilenko, O. M. Kalynyuk, K. V. Myhalenkov, S. M. Naumenko, H. O. Petryscheva, V. M. Rybak, Y. Y. Rudoy, V. N. Sverdun, O. V. Seredenko, M. A. Slazhnyev, Y. P. Skorobahatko, V. Y. Suhenko, Y. V. Falchenko, O. V. Chernets, O. O. Yasynska.

PhD thesis of philosophical direction defended I. V. Devterov at the Faculty of Sociology and Law "KPI" and preparing to defend a doctoral thesis. VB Gordon got Diploma of Candidate of Economic Sciences.

Successfully working on doctoral dissertation V. O. Berezos, M. S. Horyuk, M. N. Slazhnyev, Y. V. Falchenko.

Dissertation for Ph.D defended abroad graduates: Y. Skrynsky - in Germany, working there as the director of the electric steel plant; S.V.Hnyloskurenko - in Japan, is the Head of the Department of perspective development and transfer of scientific development Physical and Technological Institute of Metals and Alloys of NAS of Ukraine; R. A. Serhiyenko - in Japan, also works at  PTIMA; O. L. Goldberg defended his master's dissertation in the US, works in Estonia, a member of the company "Baltic Financial Company" (BFK).

T. I. Lytovchenko - chief editor of "Robotodavets" was awarded the Order of Archangel Michael V degree and medal "20 years of Ukraine independence ".

Graduates H. H. Zak, Y. A. Lytvynyuk work abroad on their specialty, V. O. Usovych studies in graduate school in Germany. Student V. Boyko studies in magistracy in Germany.

Prepared to defend their dissertations D. V. Ivanchenko, K. O. Serheyeva. In graduate school of the Department and SRI of NAS of Ukraine study 16 students.

Graduates of the department work as directors, chief engineers and metallurgists, heads of departments of industrial enterprises and in government organizations, academic institutions of material science, lecturers in educational Institution.

O. D. Piskun - the director of subsidiary company “LK-Metalurgia” JSC "Plant" Leninska Kuznya; A. V. Adanchuk - chief metallurgist at the enterprise "Motordetal" in Konotop; Y. P. Lenda - Chief Engineer of the enterprise in Brovary; O. F. Kolyada master of production workshop shift of research and production center "Titan" The E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute Of The NAS Of Ukraine.

Basic directions and results of research are:

  • electroslag technology for different shapes and weight casting;
  • gases in alloys based on iron and non-ferrous metals, including mass transfer, diffusion, dissolution and hydrogen and nitrogen content, development of methods and designs of installations for the determination of hydrogen content in selected samples and directly in melting furnaces and bull ladles;
  • refining, modification and microalloying of metal alloys;
  • almost solved scientific, technical and economic problem, based on the formation of large-technological electroslag of castings of superalloys, that it is difficult deformed, with high mechanical and heat resistant properties that far exceed the properties wrought metal with identical composition established by state standards;
  • theoretically and experimentally proved expediency of application of casting aluminum alloy comprising silicon, at manufacturing bimetallic and combined hydrogen storage tanks with radically new design;
  • offered and studied a new approach to the problem of constructing a mathematical model of technological process, which is based on the combined use of deterministic, probabilistic and heuristic methods with the following the identification of models during operation and control of oxygen-converter meltings in foundries, including casting machines under pressure (CMUP);
  • received 60 patents and copyright certificates for inventions;
  • In 2011 continued cooperation with Texas Institute of Science (Texas, Dallas, USA) to deepen research on strengthening casting aluminum alloys and exchange the latest technical information regarding casting aluminum alloys.

Special steel – is a chance for Ukraine in the technological race with the advanced countries of the world.

D. F. Cherneha, Dr. of Sc, professor, corresponding member. NAS of Ukraine, Head of PCBTM Department.