Faculty of Biotechnology and Biotechnics

Faculty of Biotechnology and Biotechnics of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”
Contact Information:
FBT address: avenue Beresteiskyi, 37, building 4 , 03056, Kyiv, Ukraine

Reception: room 169, tel. 204-94-52, 204-83-12
Dean's Office: room 170, tel. 204-90-35
Dean: Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Todosiychuk Tetyana
E-mail: biotech[at]kpi.ua
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Departments of the Faculty of Biotechnology and Biotechnics

FBT Logo Faculty was founded in January 2001, which began training specialists biotechnologists in 1992 at the Department of General and Bioorganic Chemistry in the Chemical Engineering.

The faculty prepares highly qualified specialists for work in the most modern branches of biotechnology: microbic synthesis of biologically active connections, iмунобiотехнологiя, genetically engineered Biotechnology, Biotechnology of pharmaceutical preparations, ecobiotechnology, bio-energetics, biodestruction of waste, biotesting of pollution, engineering of biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries. Our graduates are capable to develop and introduce the latest technological processes and to design the equipment for for biotechnology and pharmaceutical productions, competently and scientifically reasonably to exercise control and environment protection against technogenic influences, to model biotechnics processes for the purpose of definition of optimum conditions of carrying out biosynthesis, biodestructions of pollution and optimization of the broken ecosystems thanks to broad application of the most modern mathematical methods and computer technologies.

Graduates work in managerial and engineering positions of the enterprises microbiological, pharmaceutical, food industry, in the design organizations, establishments of the ecological direction and research institutes of Ukraine.