Case Management Department

Director of the Case Management Department: Mazur Marina Alexandrovna
Phone: 204-82-82
E-mail: kanc[at]

Personnel department

Head PD&A: Lidia P. Andreychuk
Address: Building 1 (rooms 103-105, 118, 219, 243)
Phone: 204-82-88
e-mail: L.andreychuk [at] ukr. net


Head of the archive: Yasinetska Victoria
Address: 03056, Kyiv-56, street Polytechnic, 14, building 16, 1st floor, entrance from the 7th building
Working days: Mon-Fri, Reception hours: from 1000-1600, lunch break - 1300-1400.
E-mail: arhiv [at]

"Metropolis" in the university

What is metropolis? Different dictionaries define this concept a little differently, but in general all definitions agree on one: it is a giant city formed as a result of the growth and absorption of the surrounding settlements.

Access to the public information in the state-owned universities

In order to ensure effective implementation of the right of access to the information, the right to freely collect, store, use and disseminate information in the oral, written and other forms, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on January 13, 2011 adopted the Law of Ukraine “On Access to Public In

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