Learn today - to be a leader tomorrow. From the report Vice-Rector G.B. Varlamov at the Academic Council NTUU "KPI": 03.03.2014

Department of educational work in 2013 focused its efforts on improving the educational, training and organizational, cultural, sports, social and recreational activities.
Good results in the various activities have achieved thanks to the diligent work of the department staff, the continued support of other departments, heads of departments headed by deans and their assistants, responsible officials of departments, student organizations, campus administration and staff dormitories, as well as curators and stewards academic groups.

1 Academic Work

Maintenance of educational process at all stages - from admission of applicants to the number of graduates - is one of the main tasks of the department. Applicants who come to study in the "KPI", have high scores IEE (Independent external evaluation) among the applicants. For example, in 2013 the average scores IEE students enrolled in the 1st year, amounted to 179 - in math and 155 - in physics, which corresponds to the level of the previous years.

However, the assessment of students' knowledge level of compliance with the requirements of the University, carried out on the results of entrance control in basic disciplines, shows that almost half of first-year students have the knowledge on the level below mediocre. This situation makes the teachers of mathematics and physics to intensify work to during the first semesters not only to ensure the mastery of the students educational material in accordance with the programs of academic disciplines, but also bring them to a level sufficient to master the professional disciplines.

The constant search for new and more effective methods of teaching and painstaking work have yielded positive results. By the end of the first semester physics and mathematics students reach undergraduate level. And for the last 3 years the assimilation of students of educational material from year to year is improving. This is confirmed by the results of the rector's control, held at the IV course, according to which the level of residual knowledge of students is 65%.

In recent years there has been stability in the number of the student body of the University, which is 20-22 thousand full-time students, of which more than 12% on a contract basis with payment of tuition fees.

The number of foreign students in the past three years has remained at 350, which represent 36 countries. However, while a significant increase in the number of students of the preparatory department gives hope to increase the number of foreigners who will choose in the future our university for higher education.

A high level of quality requirements for knowledge "KPI" increases the number of those who are trying to get a quality education, a high level of training and intellectual development and to be very competitive in the labor market. Being a successful student is becoming fashionable!

A good sign is that most of the students, about 70%, has successfully passed the session in time and demonstrates high achievement. This year, the number of A students on the results of the winter session up 8.1%. Students receiving rated "excellent" and "good," 30.6%, and those who are learning to mixed assess- 54.7%. The number of those who got "satisfactorily" results is 6.6%. (See. Diagram).

Dynamics of successful passing of the session by the students of foreign nationality has its own characteristics. An increase in the number of both students who are studying "satisfactorily" (15.4%) and mixed assessment (62.4%), and the number of A students (5.9%). The overall level of academic achievement among foreigners is high and corresponds to the achievement of Ukrainian students.

Data on expulsions of students by courses indicate that most students (almost 65% of the total number of dropouts), we lose the first two years. A significant amount of dropouts in the fifth year - 88 people, is the consequence of increasing the number of students entering the "KPI" on V course from other universities and in the learning process they can not withstand the high demands of our university. Every year students recovery of almost 25% of the number of expelled students, more than 80% of which are renewed the contract with payment of tuition fees.

Analysis of the effectiveness of the educational process at the University on the basis of certification, and examinations shows that 48% of students meet the highest criteria for assessing the quality of the knowledge acquired and in the future they may become highly qualified specialists. Achieving such high achievements made ​​possible by the participation of students in international and Ukrainian competitions, sports competitions and creative competitions. More than 75% of the students in the learning cycle attached to the creative activities carried out both at the university and beyond.

Significant not only "internal" evaluation of the university for their own performance, but also its place in the system of higher education. There are independent educational ratings, which attracted the attention of the public. One of the most authoritative rating of universities in Ukraine is rating of "Compass" on which analyzes the activities of the university on numerous criteria. The first criterion - student satisfaction by the level of education. The greatest satisfaction with the level of education students demonstrate University named after Shevchenko, who rated their level of nearly 100 points, that is the maximum. Our graduates are "put down" his modest scores at 80, however, the most objectively assess the quality of training of graduates, employers, who note the level of training of our graduates as the best in Ukraine and the fifth consecutive year, appoint us a perfect score of 100. Similarly, according to the "compass" we are assessed by independent experts. Indicators of the closest to us in the ranking of universities significantly worse, even though the classic is a university or a Polytechnic. With such high external objective assessments, KPI within five years of the rating of "Compass" is the undisputed leader in the first position. (See. Diagram).

2 Academic Mobility

Academic mobility of students by types that are implemented in our university is divided into the double degree programs, exchange programs, projects of the European ERASMUS MUNDUS program and ministerial programs 100 + 100 + 100 Providing this activity takes place with the participation of almost all the departments of the university. Now in KPI there are 6 exchange programs, among which are the new agreements with universities in Japan and with the School of Engineering of Paris.

Geography academic mobility of students of the KPI in 2013 covers 17 participating countries. The most popular countries for the reporting period were Germany, France and Norway. It should be noted that the expansion of the geography program was due to the new double degree programs with countries such as Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.

Students IESEM, FICT, FL, FCT, FMM and FE showed high activity in the desire to get a higher education abroad and successfully passed the selection. Pleased to note that students FCE, FBB and FHPI also joined the programs of academic mobility in 2013.. Total number of students KPI, studying abroad, by the end of 2013, 192 people, and for the year grew by 2.5 times due to the participation of the KPI in five EU programs ERASMUS MUNDUS.

Almost 40% of the students who participated in the programs of academic mobility, receive a diploma with honors. This suggests that academic mobility becomes an important part of improving the quality of training of students.

3. organizational and educational work

Organizational and educational work in high school is an integral part of the educational process. To 2013, the department organized and implemented a number of measures in this area of activity. For many years, is an active propaganda work among the students - future applicants. KPI is represented in virtually all educational fairs and exhibitions in Ukraine. The exposition introduces students to the University, students and their parents with the terms of accession to the international educational programs, helps applicants to carry out a deliberate choice or the desired specialty. Therefore, the KPI is increasing the number of applicants from different regions of the country.

Considerable attention in the "KPI" is paid to students who have already received their diplomas or graduate training. For over 10 years Career Development Center operates on the basis of our University. Twice a year, a job fair is organized and held, which represent companies and organizations interested in employment prospective students and young professionals. Over the last year more than 40 companies and organizations have taken an active part in fairs and over 4,500 students attended these events.

The Department is actively involved in the organization of students' participation in about hundred international and Ukrainian student competitions in various disciplines and specialties. Positive feature is that the achievements of students in the Ukrainian professional competitions in recent years, only grow, and in 2013, 51 students KPI won a prize. According to the rating, the number of winners in the All-Ukrainian student competitions to 2013 KPI ranked second among all universities in Ukraine, and among technical universities - the first place.

In recent years, the Department has initiated and coordinated by a new kind of teaching and research activities - student educational and scientific groups, student interest clubs and student design offices, which are organized and operate on the basis of the faculties / institutes. Their work contributes to improving the quality of training of future specialists, able to independently and creatively used in their work, modern science and technology. Also these groups help prepare students to participate in competitions of national and international levels, competitions and seminars, scientific and professional areas. There are today more than 20 educational and scientific groups.

Student cultural work particularly emphasizes style, image and creates a color to the KPI. The university is organized annually and held a range of traditional activities that create our special style that is a sign of an elite university. It's Freshman Day, Issue magister contests "Queen KPI", "Mr. KPI", twice a year the exhibition of creativity of students and teachers "Talents KPI", nearly 15 art exhibitions of talented artists and artists of various genres, "KVN League KPI - cup rector, "art song festivals and creative teams of amateur as well as other activities, known in Kiev and beyond.

Center Consolidation students ntensifies its activities, together with the campus and student organizations actively pursuing social, cultural and educational work among the students of the University, which is aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle among students and creating a positive image of the CPI schools. The Center Consolidation students organized and themed, theatrical concert, dance and entertainment, scientific and methodical, scientific, technical, literary, intellectual and recreational activities. There are also created and constantly act students groups: "School KVN", "Cinema Club", "Chess", "Checkers GO", "club of intellectual games", "DJ School".

Considerable attention is paid to the department of social events at the university. Student Social Service is one of the most important and major divisions of the Department, which, together with social educators hostels pursuing an active social work on campus. Work is conducted in such a way that a number of trainings, schools, relay races, contests, competitions and shares not only generated, but are practically implemented with the active participation of the students. Among them - School fundraisers, "Help young" psychological program "How to achieve reciprocity," volunteer movement "Donors KPI", school coaches, literary club, psychological trainings on personal growth, a school of active volunteers, student competitions social projects, training courses for freshmen , works in the focus groups.

Particular attention is paid to the university sports education, resulting in healthy lifestyle and high sports achievements. In 2013, at the Universiade in Kazan student FBB Natalia Dovhodko won the gold medal in the competition in rowing. In 2012, she also won a gold medal at the Summer Olympics in London. KPI sport games last year revealed the winners: first place - IPP, the second - FICT, third place went to FIDE. Students showed good results in swimming, athletics, basketball, the chessgame, volleyball, football, table tennis competitions, shaping and boxing. KPI football team for the third year in a row is a bronze medalist m. Kyiv among universities. Team KPI Futsal Cup was the silver medalist Kyiv Cup winner and among universities Solomyanskiy area. Rugby National team won the silver medal in the championship of Ukraine. KPI is the organizer and for the fifth consecutive year, conducted by the International Chess Tournament "Cup of Independence" with world-class grandmasters.

In addition, work with social networks is gaining momentum, in which students receive relevant and timely information about events at the university, have access to educational, scientific, aesthetic content. Through social network is to organize and coordinate student initiatives and activities.

The department projects "Radio KPI" starts to be popular, it sounds at recess, after school, as well as the clock on the Internet. Radio KPI - it's not only music, but also information and educational programs about useful for studying and living in the CPI, the rights and responsibilities of students, musical events, films, literature, etc. ..

In January 2013, cooperation was launched between KPI and Ukrainian Wikipedia, providing assistance to the educational process.

There are several creative, artistic projects in KPI. So was the project of the student art space "Tower KPI", which our university won in the National competition and received a grant for its implementation. In this project, together with the Department of housekeeping left tower of the main building was reconstructed and turning it into a student art space "Tower KPI".

During the reporting period large amount of work is carried out, significant results and high performance was achieved. However, there is still a lot of plans for improvements in all areas. Not all reserves are used, have not yet overcome all obstacles in order to achieve the main goal of our university - the release of highly qualified specialists with active citizenship, patriotic feelings stable, creative thinking and high responsibility.

The entire staff of the university is making great efforts to ensure that young people who are studying in the KPI today became the leader of tomorrow!

New achievements to all of us along the way!

G.B. Varlamov, Vice-Rector for educational work