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The University has 18 faculties, 9 educational and research institutions, several research institutes and research centers. The training of bachelors, specialists and masters, candidates and doctors of sciences is carried out in the University.

Vacancy fair «beAhead. Spring 2018»

2018.04.18 Ярмарок вакансій «beAhead. Весна 2018»

Every year, in the spring and autumn the Igor Sikorsky KPI holds a fair of vacancies. This time, a job fair called “beAhead. Spring 2018” took place on April, 19 in the building No. 18 of the university.

Impressions of international internship in Poland

Польща. У підземній каплиці Святої Кінги в соляній шахті в місті Величка

Our students feel confident abroad. They not only travel, study for double degree programs, but also have international internship in numerous European projects. Here are impressions of student Ilona Bochkareva, IEE.

Kondratuk Yuri Vasilievich - a pioneer of astronautics

Foto. Kondratuk Yuri Vasilievich

The first manned flight into space was preceded by the hard work of pioneers of astronautics - dreamers and theorists who advocated the need for space flight and theoretically justify their opportunity.

Shaping 2014

2014.04.17 Shaping

Shaping competition according to the programme of Spartakiada Games of NTUU "KPI" was held on 17th April. Shaping is considered to be a feminine sport, exercise were created to affect the muscles that are less used on a daily basis. So shaping is a kind of sport for attractive and graceful.

Take Care Of Your Health Since Youth

Image. Яку їжу і в якій кількості слід вживати

Physicians sound alarm: the majority of schools leavers have deviations in health. Therefore at the university when young people become more senior and are more responsible, it is necessary to listen attentively to yourself and to make efforts for organism maintenance in work capacity.

Ukraine joined European Accreditation Network of Engineering Education

2014.11.21-22 Україна приєдналася до незалежної Європейської системи акредитації інженерної освіти

Independent accreditation center for engineering programs, founded by the Rectors Association of technical educational establishments of Ukraine, became the member of European Accreditation Network of Engineering Education.



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