PROEP: 4.2. Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar determines the calendar terms of semesters, learning sessions, examination settings, training internship, vacation period for each year of study in a certain educational program; preparation of skilled performance, student final attestation. The chart shows the summary budget table (in weeks).
The schedule of the educational process at the university, based on different forms of training, terms of training and training programs, is developed annually by the university department of education and approved by the first vice-rector. As a rule, 40 weeks of training are planned at the university in the academic year (including examination sittings). The specific length of study is determined by taking into account the specifics of a particular specialty (specialization) each year.

The educational process in the full-time form of training is organized, as a rule, for the semester system. Examination sittings are planned for two in a school year, usually two weeks each.

Vacation period is set twice a year with a total duration of 8-12 weeks. Their terms are determined by the schedule of the educational process for each academic year.