3.1. The organization of education at the University is carried out in accordance with the Academic Calendar, which determines: calendar dates of semesters, classes, exam sessions, internships, certifications and vacations for each year of training in a particular specialty and LHE.

3.2. The Department of Education at the University annually develops the Academic Calendar at the University for various forms of education, and the Vice-rector of the University approves the Calendar.

3.3. The intramural study process is organized by the semester system. There are two exam sessions within the academic year. Vocation with a total duration of 8-12 weeks are usually set twice a year.

3.4. The Academic Calendar of the extramural study process includes a session period (orientation session and/ or examination session) and an inter-sessional period. During the orientation session, students are acquainted with the term dates of academic disciplines (educational components) and the system of assessment of learning outcomes: according to the curriculum classes are held and individual tasks are given. The inter-sessional period gives time to students to independently master the training material and perform the received individual tasks. During the examination session, students receive admission to semester monitoring activities and pass these activities.