Students' catering center. Bon appetit!

For students and staff who work and study in the first building, the new academic year was marked by good news: on the ground floor the renovated café has hospitably opened its doors. Light and elegant - it is even smiling towards visitors. A staff is smiling too, prompting  when a queue is appearing - faster, please.

Faster! Impossible, with such abundante  assortment of dishes: two variants of first course,  three of the main, three side dishes, salads, pastries and others. And the prices are so attractive, that students sometimes ask again: "Is vegetable soup  really worth 1.94?" And there are queues lined up to the doors during the breaks. When this was seen in the 1st building café?

The chairman of the trade union committee of employees V.I.Molchanov says: "Issues of students and staff  KPI quality nutrition have always been  in the attention of the trade union committee. Analysis, which was made by student organizations and commissions of catering trade union workers, showed that the best option is the development of the Students' Catering Center of  NTUU "KPI". The development of the university, including social services, is the responsibility of the Department of perspective development. Its employees: S.A.Oginskiy - Head of prospective development programs and his colleague Yu.M.Gurko were requested to consider and solve the issues related to improving nutrition in the first building, where the students of IME, FIDE, FMM and the IPT study. The project of the eatery renovation was designed. The repairs were made. The result can be seen with your own eyes. "

G.A.Pushkarnih, director of the Students' Catering Center NTUU"KPI",  is glad that finally  the Center is  able to meet numerous requests from students and teachers, who study and work in the 1st building, on the organization of hot meals. There is in the cafe a hard-working collective of cooks and confectioners top class with great experience. They participated in the servicing of international and rectors events held in NTUU"KPI", and demonstrated the ability to quickly and  efficiently  feed guests.

Production manager Helena Petrovna said: "Every day in the cafe  about 200 portions of entrees are consumed, approximately 150 of the main and up to 500 pieces of pies, muffins, and other sweets. There is also the take away food service." Anna Arkadyevna - cashier, works smartly and attentively, communicats politely with the visitors. Because of  the noise in the queue, especially at recess when everybody speak all at once, sometimes it is  necessary to clarify the order. And from her "Bon appetit!" it becomes a pleasure to the soul, and the dishes seem homey.

As the institution cafe operates only the second week. There are many organizational matters to be adressed, the planned connection of kitchen units to be completed. As noted by Akhmatova, the staff has a lot of new plans, there are reserves and willingness to work. Meanwhile, those wishing to eat at the cafe become more and more every day. There is great demand to  tasty muffins and drinks. Students and faculty staff are attracted by fresh food and reasonalbe prises. They are grateful to the University administration for attention and care.

 N. Vdovenco