The 6rd of April  is the 100th anniversary of the birth of  Alexander Ivanovich Butuzov ( 1906- 1992 ) - intelligent person, teacher, administrator,  talented scientist and social worker. He was born  in Lozova Kharkov region, where he began to work laborers and the assistant to the mechanic at carriage depot of station. In 1929 he graduated vocational school and worked electric on coal mine. in Donetsk city.  At the same year he got into KPI, where it was directed with off-job training for work in the village Mircha of the Borodyansky region of Kiev region the chairman of  of the Academic Committee. In 1931 A. I. Butuzov renew studing in KPI and finished on December 1937  getting diplomas  with «honors".

O.I.Butuzov have been working for period april 1937 – March 1941 in Kyiv Industrial Institute (those times name of KPI), sequentially holding a post of Assistant of Boiler Plant Department, deputy of Dean of Technical Faculty, the Head of administrative arm of Institute. O.I. Butuzov was assigned to a position of the Head of administrative arm of Lviv Politechnic in March 1941, and have been working there till July 1941.

When O.I.Butuzov returned to Kyiv he took part in heroic defense of the city with airborne troops. Order of Red Star for Kyiv defense was outstanding award for that times considering the situation of beginning of the War.

Then there were Stalingrad, Kursk-Orlovska arc, forcing of the Dnipro river, liberating of Ukraine and Belarus. For his bravery O.I. Butuzov was awarded with order of Patriotic War, two orders of Red Star, medals “For Kyiv defense” and “For Stalingrad defense”.

Guards major O.I. Butuzov was badly injured on 16th of April 1944 and was demobilized from Red Army in September 1944.

O.I.Butuzov have been working as a Head of Personnel Department and a deputy of the Head of Administration of higher school under the Board of Ministers URSR for period from October 1944 till July 1953. Then his life was again closely related to KPI and Heat-and-Power Engineering Faculty until the end of his days. After defending a dissertation O.I.Butuzov was a Dean of Faculty from November 1955 till July 1962, chair holder of Theoretical and Industrial Heat Engineering Department – February 1958 till June 1975.

A.I. Butuzov is  founder of the research laboratory of industrial heat engineering. He was the leader of several important research works (cooling of the windings of electric generators, the development of new types of thermal insulation for underground conduits and structures such pipes, research into the processes of boiling and condensation in films on surfaces of complex geometry and rotating and other).

A.I. Butuzov has prepared six Candidate of Sciences , two of whom subsequently became doctors of Sciences, professors of the KPI. He has authored and co-authored more than 170 publications.  

He was the Lieutenant-Colonel during the  Second World War, A. I Butuzov was a wonderful teacher of students, was actively engaged in work, a lot of time and attention paid to social work, where he was Deputy Chairman of the Council of veterans of the KPI. On his initiative and with direct creation of a Monument of military glory in honor of students and teachers KPI,  who died on the fronts of the great Patriotic war installed at the entrance to the Park of the KPI.

Generally, he took very good care of the history faculty, institute, own of the Department. Working life of Butuzov  A. I. awarded Order of the Red Banner of Labour and many medals.

Many graduates of the department is headed by A. I. Butuzov, which work on the territory of Ukraine and countries near and far abroad, all who knew him and  working with him with  respect and gratitude remember  this beautiful person, educated, intelligent, responsive, energetic and dedicated in the work, the teacher, who labour of love,  a friendly person, easy to communicate, many years of life devoted to the KPI, students, science.