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Fedotkin Igor Mikhailovich. Congratulations on your anniversary!

Фото. Федоткін Ігор Михайлович

June 15, 2011 we celebrated 90 years of talented scientist and teacher, doctor of technical sciences, professor, head of the department in the past, and now a leading researcher of the department of chemical, polymer and silica engineering Igor Mikhailovich Fedotkin.

There is hardly another person in "KPI" that could boast such life achievements. 72 years of work experience (including 45 years - Scientific and Pedagogical), member of hostilities in World War II, was awarded for his bravery Order of the Patriotic War I art., The medal "For bravery", "For victory over Germany" and the other, the winner State Prize of Ukraine in Science and technology, honored Worker of Science and technology, winner of the Prize. Acad. V. M. Glushkova, KPI Prize for his monograph "Intensification of technological processes" and others. Among his students there are 14 Doctors of Science and 78 candidates. During his scientific and pedagogical activity he published 64 monographs, 28 textbooks, more than 700 scientific papers and articles He has 72 copyright certificates USSR for invention, 32 current patents, 12 patents past years, including US patents, Belgium Russia.

I. M. Fedotkin was born in 1921 in Kharkiv in family of an engineer. In May 1941 he graduated from the Kharkov Military School of communication. Together with his friends shared the tragic fate of the Southwestern Front - besiegement, wound, captivity. In distillation of columns with prisoners I. M. Fedotkinu managed to escape. Reaching Makivske sugar plant in Khmelnytsky, he along with his friends organized a clandestine group. Over time he fought with the enemy in partisan composition behalf of Schorsa in 1944, breaking through the front line, combined with parts of the Soviet Army.

But because of delays in processing guerrilla documents I. M. Fedotkin was sent to a penal battalion in the 1st Baltic front. After fierce fighting for the liberation of the Baltic States in 1200 among  soldiers of the battalion there were only 11 personnel in the ranks. And among themwas I. M. Fedotkin. At this time, guerrilla documents were received and rehabilitated Lieutenant Fedotkina was appointed as a commander of a rifle platoon, which he commanded to a serious injury in February 1945.

After demobilization from the army I. M. Fedotkin returns to Makivka sugar factory, where he was waiting by his family and where he was well-known by people. Ahead will be recovery of plant burned by the Germans (for 1 year instead of the planned three), hard work and training. Igor Mikhailovich became an engineer and competent practitioner, consistently holds a positions from alternating heating engineer to chief engineer of the plant. In parallel, from 1948 to 1951, ending each year 2 courses, he enrolled in the All-Union Correspondence Polytechnic Institute (educational consulting office which was in the KPI) and obtained a honors degree.

Among his teachers were outstanding scientists - Academicians V. I. Tolubynskyy and I. T. Shvets, head of the degree project - prof. M. O. Kychyhin. Unique I. M. Fedotkin’s thesis project, which had a volume of 1000 an explanatory note p., more than 900 sources of literature, 24 sheets of drawings, described new methods of intensification of evaporators and now kept in the KPI.

I. M. Fedotkin  was invited by Moscow and Kiev  universities, but by order of Vinnitsa Economic Council and his choice he became a chief engineer Vyshnevchytsk sugar factory, he reconstructed and displaysed it to an industry leader.

There is the time ... Director Vyshnevchytsk sugar factory is Fedotkin, who is 37 years old, he has three children, high authority at the plant in the industry in the region. However, the desire for knowledge and desire to fully realize his creative potential lead him in 1958 to the position of an ordinary teacher of special equipment in Kiev Technological Institute of Food Industry (KTIFI) and the postgraduate correspondence. In 1961 I. M. Fedotkin defended his thesis, and in 1969 he obtained a Doctor degree. He created a scientific school dedicated to the development of complex methods of intensification of technological processes, which employed more than 100 young scientists.

In September 1970 I. M. Fedotkin was appointed as a rector of  KTIFI. The Institute deployed research, which involved not only regular research staff, but also graduate and undergraduate students. Volumes of research were rising almost 4 times.

In 1974, at the invitation of the rector H. I. Denysenka talented scientist goes to work the Kiev Polytechnic Institute as a head of department equipment of building materials (later - the department of chemical, polymer and silicate engineering). Thanks to vigorous efforts of I. M. Fedotkin, in the short term the number of employees increased from 6 Chair to 120 people and funding to 1.2 mln. rubles, intensively developed material resources department, increased the number and quality of scientific and technological development of the intensification process processes in the chemical, thermal power, food technologies.

In the same period I. M. Fedotkin created the theoretical basis of an integrated approach to intensification processes. In scientific work researched theoretical methods of finding and defining new physical effects based on mathematical modeling and the method developed by the author “analohizatsiya” in technological processes and their implementation in industry. I. M. Fedotkin was developing methods to intensify the processes of sedimentation, filtration, flotation, adsorption, heat transfer. A new technology, cavitation, electrochemical, adsorption, ion radiation, magnetic and electromagnetic processing environments, thermomechanical, mechanical and hydromechanical methods of intensification processes. For books of I. M.Fedotkin students are studying in Ukraine and abroad, and a series of monographs "cavitation"from the point of view the quality and number of theoretical and experimental studies exceeded all known global counterparts on the subject.

And now I. M. Fedotkin, despite his age and health, continues to work as a chief researcher of the department.

In recent years he successfully works in areas receiving excess energy, creating energy-efficient technologies and devices, growing and processing microalgae information-wave Medicine. He created prototypes of rotary jet cavitation heat and power generators, ​​engines, steel magnets, hypersonic nozzle engines running on air. And worthy assessment of his work was the award in 2011 Leonard Euler medal of the European Academy of Natural Sciences (Germany) for contribution to the development of science.

The team of engineering and chemistry department, department of chemical, polymer and silica engineering sincerely welcome I. M. Fedotkina with the glorious jubilee and wish him good health and many years of inspired work within the walls of "KPI".


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