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To the anniversary I.I. Sikorsky

2009.05.25 Вшанування пам'яті І.Сікорського

Honoring. University "KPI" with gratitude and respect remembers his famous graduate – Igor Sikorski. In his honor, a memorial plaque was installed on the territory of the KPI. to held A round table with participation of scientists of Ukraine and Russia in occasion of the 115th anniversary of his birth and the 90th anniversary of the world's first flight of the aircraft 4-engine Sikorsky "Ilya Muromets" from St. Petersburg - Kiev - St.- Petersburg was held.

A year ago at the Museum Square KPI it was opened the world's first monument I.Sikorsky. The funds were raise by teachers and students KPI to restore a historic building of the historic garage, which will house the Department of History of Aviation and Astronautics named after I.Sikorsky of State Polytechnic Museum. The number of its visitor for the year is it about 4 million. Numerous delegations coming to the university visit also the museum. Since the opening of the Department of Space and it was visited by representatives of 30 countries of the world.

Creator of helicopters. I. Sikorsky was born May 25, 1889 in Kiev in the family of a medical professor of Kiev University.

From 1903 to 1906 he studied at the St. Petersburg Maritime College, in 1906 - at the Paris School of Engineering, and in 1907 he joined the mechanical department of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute.

While studying at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute (1907-1911), Sikorsky designed and built two helicopters and several aircraft biplanes.

In the summer of 1909 in the yard of the family home in Kiev on the street Yaroslav Val (former street Velika Pidvalna) Sikorsky designed and built his first helicopter, and then became interested in the construction of aircraft. Together with Fyodor Bylinkin, also a student of the KPI in 1910 he built the plane BIS-2, which was the third domestic aircraft of original design (after AS Kudashev and Ya.M.Gakkel). It is on this plane Sikorsky first flew on June 3, 1910.

In 1910-1911 in Kiev Igor Sikorsky built a number of aircraft grade C. He established the first world record speed - 111 km / h on the aircraft C-2. On biplane C-5 - four records: speed, altitude, length the route and duration of the flight. In Fastov (near Kiev), he demonstrated the technical capabilities of his aircraft, which brought him an official recognition of his priority in the aircraft business. Sikorsky was awarded the Imperial Russian Technical Society "For useful achievements in the field of aeronautics", and later received a gold medal at the Aeronautical Exhibition in Moscow. In 1911, Sikorsky was awarded a diploma of the pilot number 64 of the All-Russian Imperial Aeroclub.

In the years 1912-1917 Igor Sikorsky - is the chief designer of the aviation department of the Russian-Baltic plant in St. Petersburg, where he constructs a series of new types of aircraft, including aircraft giant "Russian Vityaz" and "Ilya Muromets". Under his leadership, one of the world's first multi-engine aircraft - "Grand" was built.

1918 I.Sikorsky travels to France and then to the United States, where he continued his design work. In 1923 he founded an aviation company, which later grew into “ Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation». He first began to build a turbine helicopters, helicopters- amphibious. Sikorsky helicopters for the first time realized the flight across the Atlantic. Sikorsky helicopters brand «S» adopted by the US Army mainly for trucks, rescue, health and transport operations. The high guarantee of helicopters Sikorsky is shown by continuous use them as VIP-vehicles by US presidents.

In general, the company "Sikorsky Aircraft" has created 17 basic aircraft and 18 helicopters. With the acquisition of licenses for the production of cars of this brand began it was started the development of the helicopter in the UK and France. To date, flying machines of the brand "Sikorsky Aircraft" are used in 26 countries around the world.

Updated exposition. A year ago, teachers and students KPI restored historic building of the garage, which housed the Department of History of Aviation and Astronautics of I. Sikorsky State Polytechnic Museum.

Recently the exposition was enriched by materials provided by the son of the outstanding aircraft - Sergei Ivanovich Sikorsky and the company «Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation», founded by his father. In the museum received about 230 exhibits including models of helicopters designed by Igor Sikorsky, their drawings, photographs, books, copies of his achievements awards, including from the US government. ( I.Sikorsky was awarded more than 80 awards of the Government of the United States, various funds to support the development of aviation America.) There are among the 16 models sent to the museum, the world-famous aircraft "flying boats» S-38, S-40, S-42, S-44; helicopters - "flying crane» S-60, S-64, S-65; transport - "Sea King" helicopter service S-55 helicopters landing and sanitation.

In addition, the exhibition includes models of aircraft that have been in service with the warring countries of the First World War: the types of "Fokker", "Albatross" from Germany; "Nieuport", "Farman", "Sopwith" - the part of the Entente; Russian army used "Farman", "Bleriot" bomber "Ilya Muromets", designed by Igor Sikorsky. Models for the exposition are given by the head Galitsky Aviation Historical and Technical Society Ya.Ya.Yanchak.

N.V.Pisarevska, director of the SPM


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