Educational TV studio: Learning and Measuring Methods

Scientific knowledge methods

How can we come to know the world? Sometimes, its complexity turns out to be confusing. But human ability to perceive makes it possible to answer the questions asked and take the next step to knowledge. So, what does the knowledge start from? This film describes the way from sensorial perception to logical understanding and practice. It is about measuring, comparison and experiment as empirical observation methods. It tells about neoteric means and methods of research, such as radio magnetic spectrometry, mathematic simulation, impulse laser telescope, infra-red filming of the Earth from the space.

Metrology Fundamentals

Various experiments and technical processes require the estimation of the numeric value of certain magnitudes. Three main questions are to be answered: what should be measured, in what way and how accurately it has to be done. These points and other peculiarities of measurement, and also the metrology fundamentals are described in the film.

The films are based on the film archives of technical training department NTUU "KPI".