Have you noticed how transformed our park beyond recognition in last day. Where did disappear last year’s pile of leaves, trash and dirt entered by melt water. Windows were cleaned in the corridors and classrooms in academic building № 18. Students of Faculty of informatics and computer science made coastal cleanup like the others.

With obstinacy and enthusiasm boys and girls arrange their native territory Institute, help with building a student clinic, working at Construction Department. Students of first and third courses are working in organizing the territory of October district, repairing vegetable shop on the Borschahivska Street.

All students of the faculty are deeply realized the importance and helpfulness of their work, so they treat of this conscientiously and responsibly. And most importantly, the work brings them joy and inspiration.

By M.Baryshevskyy, chief of staff of socially useful work Faculty of informatics and computer science / "In Soviet engineer," April 24, 1978