Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute has started discussing and preparing a professional standard "Energy Management Professional". The initiators of its development are the teachers of the Department of Electricity Supply of the Institute of IEE, where students are trained under the educational program "Energy Management and Energy Efficient Technologies".


Implementation of an energy management system in an organization has economic, environmental, technological and social benefits: reduction of energy costs through optimization of consumption and identification of inefficient processes; reduction of greenhouse gas and other harmful substances; introduction of modern energy management technologies; modernization of equipment and processes, etc.

All of this is difficult to achieve without a qualified energy management professional in the organization. He or she plays a key role in the organization, focusing on planning, implementing and controlling activities related to the efficient use of energy. The main aspects of his/her work in the organization include: collecting and analyzing data on energy consumption in the organization; responsibility for developing and implementing strategies and programs that reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency (equipment upgrades, introduction of new technologies, development of energy consumption policies); managing the implementation of projects aimed at improving energy efficiency; tracking the effectiveness of implemented measures; ensuring the organization's compliance with regulatory and legislative requirements; and all of these tasks are impossible without a specialist having the relevant knowledge, skills and abilities, which could be confirmed by an independent assessment by accredited qualification centers.

Therefore, in accordance with Article 39 of the Law of Ukraine "On Education", professional standards developed by employers, their organizations and associations, public authorities, scientific institutions, industry councils, etc. should be used to formulate professional qualifications of employees.

Realizing the need to develop a professional standard, the teachers of the Educational and Research Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management submitted an application for the development of a draft professional standard "Energy Management Professional", which was registered by the National Qualifications Agency on February 19, 2024, under No. 555. The relevant information was entered into the Qualifications Register.

The profession "Energy Management Professional" specified in the application is taken in accordance with the National Classifier of Ukraine DK 003:2010 "Classifier of Professions", approved by Order of the State Committee of Ukraine for Consumer Protection and Food Safety No. 327 dated July 28, 2010.

To develop the draft of this standard, a working group was created on the basis of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, the composition of which was approved by order No. NOD/210/24 of March 25, 2024. It consists of 40 leading experts, including representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine, the Association of Energy Auditors of Ukraine, the Association of Energy Engineers of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, as well as a number of technical universities, grant projects on energy efficiency, and enterprises in the industry.

The first organizational meeting of the Working Group was held online on April 12, 2024, chaired by Olena Borychenko. Professor Nataliia Oliynyk, consultant of the GIZ project "Promoting Energy Efficiency and Implementation of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive in Ukraine", spoke about the procedure for developing and requirements for a professional standard. Olena Borychenko made a presentation in which she substantiated the relevance and necessity of developing a professional standard. Anatolii Cherniavskyi, Associate Professor of the Department of Electricity Supply of the Institute of IEE, presented a table of predefined labor functions and labor actions of an energy management professional.

Finally, the next steps in the development of the draft standard were identified. This is, first of all, the formation of a list of labor functions and labor actions by the working group using the information obtained at the stage of analyzing the labor activity of an energy management professional.

Yuriy Veremiychuk, Ph,
PhD in Engineering, Associate Professor of the Department of Power Supply of the Institute of IEE