☑️ Educational activities

The autumn semester has ended at Kyiv Polytechnic. According to the results of the academic performance rating, seven KPI students will receive an academic scholarship from the President of Ukraine and one student will receive a scholarship from the Cabinet of Ministers.

The KPI Library will change its organizational structure. It is planned to merge the departments of cultural and educational work and excursions into the sector of organizing exhibition and excursion events; the innovative shelter "Smart Shelter", the space "Belka" and the laboratory "Lamp" into the sector "Center for Creativity and Innovation".

The election of the rector is approaching at Kyiv Polytechnic. An expert group will be set up at the university to organize the elections in a transparent manner. The election is to be held by June 30.

☑️ Scientific activity

Last year, the main directions of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute's scientific activities were focused on organizing the participation of university research teams in grant competitions - international and national, including from the National Research Foundation of Ukraine - implementing relevant projects and executing projects commissioned by the market.

In 2023, Kyiv Polytechnic joined a consortium of European universities to implement the Open4UA project within the framework of the European Union's Erasmus+ CA2 program (cooperation projects).

KPI took part in competitions and projects of the National Research Foundation of Ukraine and in competitions and projects within the framework of the state order. Among the competitive developments are onboard navigation systems, innovative biomedical technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of human pathologies, and the creation of environmentally friendly aviation gasoline.

The research was carried out on the request of the market, including software development, scientific and technical expertise, and the creation of models of various devices.

Kyiv Polytechnic won and joined the implementation of a number of international research projects, including competitions under the NATO Science for Peace and Security (SPS) program and the EU Horizon Europe program.

Student research was actively developing throughout the year. In 2023, its focus was on an effective response to the challenges facing Ukraine. Among the students, there were 370 winners of international and national events, 500 participants in university-wide competitions, and 60 participants in hackathons.
The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine awarded seven scientists, including the Rector of KPI and the Vice-Rector for Administrative Work, with the prize for the development and implementation of innovative technologies.

☑️ Anti-corruption activities

Last year, the Strategy for the Development of Anti-Corruption Policy of KPI was developed. As part of it, the university held special consultations on requests and online training on anti-corruption activities.
KPI signed a memorandum with the NAPC on joint training, internships and internships, as well as the university's involvement in international anti-corruption projects.

The university has introduced new anti-corruption disciplines: the module "KPI - a virtuous educational environment", the elective course "Anti-Corruption and Integrity", and the master's certified program "Anti-Corruption Commissioner or Compliance Officer".

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