Ihor Gryshko, Chairman of the Board of the Kyiv Polytechnic Charitable Foundation for the Support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: "Together We Are Bringing Our Victory Closer!"

As our newspaper has already reported, the Kyiv Polytechnic Charitable Foundation for the Support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was founded on the initiative of the University Academic Council and employees of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, and registered on October 14, 2022. On January 23 at the meeting of the Academic Council of the university, Ihor Gryshko, director of the Educational and Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering and the Acting Chairman of the Board of the Foundation, informed the participants about the first results of his work during the last months of 2022 and the first weeks of 2023. We offer readers excerpts from his speech.

The Foundation took the first steps together with the charitable organization "Aid Legion Ukraine". They handed us humanitarian aid at a total value of UAH 214000. These were tactical medicine equipment, tourniquets, blood-stopping equipment - that is, everything that our defenders needed to provide first aid. We transferred all these means to the front line in three different directions on the front line.

Information about the Foundation was spread through the media resources of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, accordingly, the first appeals from the military began to arrive soon. It is not surprising that the first request we received was from a graduate of the Faculty of Instrumentation Engineering of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. He asked for help in purchasing three anti-aircraft LED searchlights "HUNTER-2". Now these searchlights are already used to detect enemy drones.

The next realized project was the purchase of a quadcopter "DJI Mavik-3" for an employee of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Nuclear and Thermal Energy, who was at the front line. Aerial reconnaissance is the eyes of our defenders, and each quadcopter is capable of saving dozens of lives. Two battery banks and a storage card were added to the quadcopter.

Thermal imager. This is a more individual thing, but also a must-have for our defenders. Such an assistant will allow servicemen to detect enemies both during the day and at night in the Donetsk direction.

Another thermal imager was sent to a freshman of the Educational and Research Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management in the Bakhmut district. It is a flashpoint area now. So we worked quite quickly, and literally a few days after receiving the request, the thermal imager was already at the front.

An oscilloscope was purchased and shipped for the commander of the radar locator at his request. Now tuning and repairing electronic equipment will happen faster, and restored equipment will be back in service faster.

Aerial reconnaissance is essential to save lives. And aerial reconnaissance is needed to adjust the fire of our artillery. For which reason another quadrocopter "DJI Mavik-3" was successfully transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The international relations of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute allowed us to receive medical supplies from the International Charitable Fund "Assistance to the People of Ukraine" at a total value of UAH 319462. University students and employees of the Department for Student Affairs helped realize this project. A significant part of the received means - tourniquets, syringes, a set of needles for injections, urinary catheters, medical gloves, etc. - 66 items at a total value of UAH 122774 - were sent to Tetiiv Central Hospital.

We handed over to Vinnytsia and Kryvyi Rih eight wheelchairs, shower chairs, and walkers for wounded soldiers who lost the ability to walk independently. The grand total came to UAH 206688.

You can learn more about the Foundation receipts and expenditures in 2022 from the summary table. In total, UAH 552821,94 were transferred to the Foundation during its operation. These funds were spent on the things listed above.

As of January 23, the Foundation had a balance of UAH 85075,95.

All these funds came from our colleagues, friends and employees of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, who were eager to help in the fight against our enemy. 140 employees of various departments, together with their heads, filed applications to withhold and transfer a certain amount of their salaries to the Foundation. The Department of Economics and Finance, headed by Liudmyla Hryhorivna Subbotina, contributed the most to the assistance. Also, 196 representatives of faculties and institutes expressed their desire to join the financial support of our soldiers, 64 of them were lecturers and engineers of the Faculty of Electronics.

Every kopiika transferred to the Foundation allows to accumulate funds and purchase one or another device/appliance that is needed even today, right now.

Once again, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the financial support of the Foundation for their trust and assistance. We can save more than one life together. We are approaching our victory together!

Every day, more and more people learn about the Foundation, therefore more and more requests for help in purchasing necessary things and equipment come from our military. Unfortunately, we cannot take all the issues off the table at once.

So, as of January 23, we raise funds for:

  • thermal imager;
  • quadcopter;
  • imaging infrared system;
  • a helmet;
  • anti-aircraft searchlights.

I am sure that together we will be able to help our guys!

If you or your colleagues wish to help in the acquisition of the above-mentioned items, you can do that by making a payment to the details in person, or by writing an application to withhold a certain amount from the salary, and leaving it at the general department.

The Kyiv Polytechnic Charitable Foundation handed over a quadcopter to the military to detect and destroy enemy targets of the russian army.

You can transfer funds to the Armed Forces of Ukraine through the Foundation in several ways:

🔹 make the payment in person using the following details:
Recipient: Благодійна організація «Благодійний фонд підтримки Збройних Сил України “Київський політехнік”

EDRPOU 44864749
Recipient's account: UA623204780000026002924927656
Recipient's bank: AB "UKRGASBANK";

🔹 write an application for withholding from wages or a scholarship:
– for the regular transferring of a certain percentage of the salary / scholarship, or a certain amount;
- for a one-time transfer of a certain percentage of the salary / scholarship, or a certain amount.

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