On May 10, the Art Gallery of the KPI Center for Culture and Arts opened an exhibition "Kyiv - What kind of city?"

There are mostly watercolors on the walls, but there are also several black and white graphic works. They are united by a common theme - the enchanting architectural landscapes of Kyiv. Each work is like a small window through which the viewer sees seemingly familiar places in a slightly new light. This new look is the answer to the question posed in the exhibition's title. And, at the same time, the great mystery of true art... The exhibition is entirely intimate, but how much each of us needs such a warm intimacy in times of war!

Another feature of this exhibition is its extremely high professionalism. Most of the authors are true virtuosos of watercolor, and this technique is distinguished from others by a certain, so to speak, capriciousness, and requires not only high skill, but also complete immersion in the process of work. It is not for nothing that it is said that a skillfully executed watercolor is almost impossible to copy.

"The exhibition of Ukrainian artists and architects is dedicated to the Day of Kyiv," says Victoria Tiotkina, head of the Art Gallery of the Hryhorii Synytsia Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, "It features watercolors and graphic works with the theme of Kyiv architecture - 47 works in total. They were provided by more than 20 authors. The exhibition is organized by artist and architect Olha Bazhenova."

Dmytro Stefanovych

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