For the third year in a row, the Department of Technical English No. 1 of the School of Linguistics has been organizing the International Scientific and Practical Online Conference "Corpus and Discourse". The conference took place on November 28 and included speakers from Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Hassan II University (Morocco), Lusofona University (Portugal), Catholic University of Salta (Argentina), Technical College "Traian Vuia" (Romania) and many others.

The conference began with a presentation by Colaguazo Wilmer, a professor and researcher at the Technical University of Cotopaxi (Ecuador), in which he shared his personal experience of teaching with an English-speaking teacher from America. An informative report on "Opening the Black Box: Analyzing the Role of Google Translate in Academic English Courses at the University" was presented by researchers from the Catholic University of Salta (Argentina) Laura Inés Botillera, María Fernanda Irrazabal Paz, and Carina Beatriz Ramallo.

Lecturers of the Department of Technical English No. 1 also prepared reports for the conference. Mariana Shevchenko spoke about the importance of learning general and technical vocabulary, grammar, and various communicative strategies for the realization of a successful English-language professional dialogue ("Communicative Strategies in Teaching English Dialogue Speaking to Engineering Students"). Nataliia Demianiuk presented a methodology for using Google Docs to check assignments in a foreign language and spoke in detail about the capabilities of Google Docs and its useful features. Nadiia Doronkina devoted her speech to the concept of cognitive strategies of scientific educational discourse and their impact on the process of organizing successful communication between students and teachers.

The conference addressed the problems of using markers by ESL (English as a Second Language) students from Colombia when writing academic essays - their corpus analysis and providing pedagogical advice on how to avoid common mistakes in academic writing tasks.

The conference participants also discussed several other topics important for the training of a modern teacher of a higher technical school.

The abstracts are published in a separate collection and are also available on the website of the Department of AMTS No. 1.

D.S. Shchypachova, lecturer at AMTS No. 1

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