The Military Department of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute has conducted an additional enrollment of students for military service. About 60 people from different courses and specialties applied for admission.

Among them is Artur Kozyrnytskyi, a student of the Institute of IAT. The guy is convinced that he will master not only the skills of using weapons, but also deepen his knowledge of electronics, studying the basics of electronic defense.

And Ilya Tyshchenko, a student of the Institute of IATSE, wants to receive high-quality military training. "Here they can really teach military service. After all, you get not only a rank, but also various skills in military technical training and first aid," he says.

To become a student of the military department, every applicant has to pass mandatory exams. This year, they include physical training, namely running and pulling up standards, a defense of the Fatherland exam, and a psychological test.

Students will learn to use weapons, equipment, and manage units for various purposes.

Military training lasts two years.

After completing the training and taking the oath, each student will receive the rank of junior lieutenant and become a true defender of the Motherland, joining the ranks of the Armed Forces, the Security Service of Ukraine, the National Guard, and the National Police of Ukraine.

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