Floral Beauty up the Brick Wall

When you pass along the campus back #6 of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, you cannot help but notice an original beauty. It is a flower installation on the department facade of the Chief power engineer (see photo). I have interviewed Chief power engineer Volodymyr Vasylchenko about who and how composed such an unusual design of a simple brick wall.

- I saw vertical landscaping of the facade for the first time while abroad. Then and now, I happened to see such a design in Ukraine. I liked it. Of course, that immediately clicked with an idea. Why not do something like that in our country? I read about such landscaping on the Internet, then shared it with colleagues. My colleagues liked the idea of ​​doing something similar, so 3-4 years ago, we started implementing it.

We decided to design with construction pallets, as they are now often used in installations both in Europe and in Ukraine. We got the pallets upholstered, brought the seedlings from home, bought the seeds, took the soil from the economic department - this is how we began to grow flowers. We did everything ourselves, if desired, in our free time. We hide indoors those plants that are afraid of frost. Flowers are helpless during non-working hours, so, unfortunately, we have three pots stolen this year. However, we'll get over it…

Volodymyr Shkolnyi Interviewed