In the study, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute scientists analyzed the present state of the social and economic spheres of Ukraine as a fundamental component of national security and defense. On this basis, scientists studied possible security threats to Ukraine by 2030 and the crucial characteristics of the future defense-industrial complex.

Through the Delphi method, the research studies the necessary main clusters of the future defense industry of the country. It also explores the priority of the contribution of each defense cluster to the overall growth of Ukraine’s security and essential characteristics of the renewed defense-industrial complex. The defense-industrial complex modernization can help Ukraine, by asymmetric means, deter external aggression until 2030

The study performs a complex of works on Foresight of a set of possible scenarios of future events in Ukraine, which can serve as a basis for developing a strategy to protect the country and its further peaceful, sustainable development.

📋 The full text of the study is on the link.

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