For Future Entrants

The 2021-2022 academic year has just begun, yet Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute has already started preparations for the admission campaign 2022. On October 9, 2021, the Department for Student Affairs organized another online KPIAbitFest Open Day. This time, it focused on the mistakes of the 2021 admission campaign. Attendees of the event, who were mostly future entrants and their parents, asked representatives of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute selection committees and got answers to the common questions about entering the University. Everyone could KPIAbitFest join the event on the University official website of YouTube and Internet resources for entrants.

Representatives of admission committees Andrii Novosad (FRE), Anton Syrotenko (FPM), Olha Isniuk (FL), Oleh Novokhat (FCE) refuted some misguiding notions about the process of admission to the University, warned about irrational actions, considered mistakes, and curious cases of the admission campaign.

KPIAbitFest announcer, Iryna Kozak, answered the most frequently asked questions from entrants and their parents during this year's admission campaign. In particular, to the question “What are the priorities and how to set them correctly?” She gave the following answer: “Priorities are the numbers that indicate your choice when applying for a government-funded education. You can only have five priorities. You should put your dream specialty in the first place, i.e. the priority. The second place is for the specialty where you have a real chance to get it, although you want to get it a little less than the first one. Follow this strategy and define all the priorities to fifth place. Do not apply if you are sure you do not plan to study in this specialty, even if you are recommended because you will lose your own time and priority and reduce the chances of other entrants. All the entrants are in the same conditions. You cannot change priorities. The contract form of education does not provide for priorities. You should consciously choose the specialty and should not rush”. Another question was: “Which competitive score is the minimum for admission to Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute?” And the answer was: “To enter our University, the competitive score is 125 both for the state-funded and for the contract education. Therefore, with a result lower than 125, you should not apply for admission. Otherwise, this priority will burn, while you will not have a chance for the contract education.” You can find all the answers during the Open Day on the given Internet resources.

Tetiana Yurieva, Head of the Department for preparing for university admission of the Institute for Quality Monitoring Education of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, explained how to prepare and pass the External independent testing. The Department Head also told the guests how to enroll in the preparatory courses of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

Traditionally, during the final part of the Open Day of KPIAbitFest, institutes and faculties representatives of the University spoke in detail about studying in their departments.

Everyone will have a chance to get acquainted more thoroughly with faculties and institutes and ask questions concerning admission during the sequel of KPIAbitFest. In addition, during the school holidays from 25.10 to 30.10, 2021, future entrants will be able to join the Engineering School.