Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and APEU will become partners

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and the non-profit professional organization "Association of Private Executors of Ukraine" will cooperate. The memorandum on the main directions of this cooperation and some of its conditions was signed on September 22 by the first vice-rector of the university Yurii Yakymenko and the chairman of the Association Vitalii Chepurnyi

The document stipulates that its signatories will facilitate the mutual exchange of practical and theoretical experience in law, as well as the dissemination of legal knowledge, conduct joint research and educational activities aimed at improving the skills of private performers, provide methodological and advisory assistance to students, lawyers who has the intention to gain access to the profession of private executor, private executors and their assistants. This will use the full range of opportunities that Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute has as a higher education institution and APPU as an association of professionals. Professionals who work in the field of enforcement of court decisions, because private enforcement agents are representatives of the legal profession, whose activities are to ensure enforcement of decisions specified by law and in the manner prescribed by law. This activity is regulated by the Laws of Ukraine "On Structures and Persons Enforcing Judgments and Decisions of Other Structures" and "On Enforcement Proceedings". These laws have been adopted relatively recently. It should be reminded that the state executive service also operates in Ukraine, so private executors are one of the components of the general system of enforcement. It should also be noted that not everyone can be a private executor. The candidate must meet a number of requirements, the main of which are higher legal education, knowledge of the state language, work experience in the field of law for at least two years after graduation and, of course, positive results of the relevant qualifying exam. It is clear that the main partner of APPU in this cooperation will be the Faculty of Sociology and Law. 

"Association of Private Executors of Ukraine" is a professional organization that unites all private executors of our country. In Ukraine, the institution of private executors has been successfully operating for four years and the state has delegated the authority to enforce court decisions to them. We are, in fact, competitors of state executors, "said Vitaliy Chepurnyi, the chairman of the Association. He added that today only 300 such private executors work in Ukraine.  And work effectively: last year alone, one private executor had four times as much money in favour of the plaintiffs as his colleague from the State Enforcement Service. The association needs new specialists. "The need to conclude this memorandum and establish cooperation with Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute is due to the fact that the Association of Private Performers is interested in students who can join our ranks. Today, they will be able to hold the positions of assistants to private executors, in the future - directly the private executors themselves. We are ready to hold joint events with Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute for this purpose, to invite students for internships, practice, etc., " Vitaliy Chepurnyi said about the motives for concluding the memorandum. He explained that cooperation with Kyiv Polytechnic is being established because the Association already has a positive experience of working with the university and can hope that further joint activities will be effective. 

"The Faculty of Sociology and Law is taking confident steps to improve the practical training of students. We provide the theory in full, students graduate theoretically prepared. But the amount of practical training is insufficient. This is evidenced by the results of surveys of employers. Therefore, we continue to take steps to involve practitioners in the training, - the dean of the FSP Yana Tsymbalenko commented on the prospects of cooperation. - Involving practitioners in training will give students the opportunity to gain more practical experience and be in demand in the labour market immediately after graduation."